Auto Renew Function at Moniker


I just noticed something within my domain account at Moniker that I want to share with you.   On domain names that I transferred into Moniker from other domain registrars, the auto-renew function was set to “off.”   Since most domain names I transfer in to Moniker are aftermarket acquisitions, these are important names that shouldn’t be dropped by me and should be set to auto-renew prior to expiration.

Although I monitor the weekly “expiring domains” email that Moniker sends, I think it’s better to be proactive about domain renewal status than to be reactive. Keep your better domain names on auto-renew to avoid any oversights. My other advice is to renew your key domain names for multiple years in the event of a credit card expiration or some other system error.

It’s better to be overly cautious than to make a regretful mistake.


  1. What registrars Elliot? Are they mainly “SnapNames” type registrars? I have transferred in many domains from Godaddy and NSI etc and have not seen this problem. I just checked my domains to be sure but all were marked ON and I didn’t have to adjust any when the transfer finished.

  2. @ Jamie

    I think the last few were Network Solutions,, and DomainDiscover off the top of my head. I am not sure about the ones from Snapnames.

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