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Hosting Companies Should Not Be Listed as Domain Owner for Clients


I was looking through some upcoming NameJet dropping domain auctions via FreshDrop, and I noticed something that I found to be appalling. Hosting companies either dropping the ball on renewals or not doing enough to help their current or former customers with their domain name assets.

I generally do a historical Whois search for domain names I might have an interest in bidding on at auction. From this, I can see who previously owned it and try to figure out why they either didn't find the domain name valuable enough to keep or why the domain name may have been allowed to expire.

On four consecutive searches today, I saw that the previous registrant email was a hosting company. What this means to me is that the hosting company didn't pay the renewal bill either because they didn't realize it needed to be renewed, their client no longer works with the company, or, probably the least likely of the bunch, the client no longer wanted the domain name.

Since these were very good domain names I searched, it's unlikely that the → Read More

Auto Renew Function at Moniker


I just noticed something within my domain account at Moniker that I want to share with you.   On domain names that I transferred into Moniker from other domain registrars, the auto-renew function was set to "off."   Since most domain names I transfer in to Moniker are aftermarket acquisitions, these are important names that shouldn't be dropped by me and should be set to auto-renew prior to expiration.

Although I monitor the weekly "expiring domains" email that Moniker sends, I think it's better to be proactive about domain renewal status than to be reactive. Keep your better domain names on auto-renew to avoid any oversights. My other advice is to renew your key domain names for multiple years in the event of a credit card expiration or some other system error.

It's better to be overly cautious than to make a regretful mistake. → Read More

Relevant Expired Domain Names


When you have a developed website and are looking for ways to grow your traffic and rankings, redirecting (via 301 redirect) related, expired domain names is a good way to do it. On Lowell.com, I had a difficult time getting inbound links from the city websites and local organizations, as many of them work closely with the city of Lowell. I get frequent compliments and submitted press releases from many of them, so I know they like the site, but getting returned links has been a difficult task.

Needless to say, there are many small organizations and/or Festivals in the city. Some of the Festival organizers have websites that for whatever reason have been neglected. On occasion, they even let these domain names expire, which isn't a surprise since these have generally not been updated in a while. Oftentimes, these websites have links from businesses, cultural organizations, and government websites in the area (not all .gov though). Most are links without anchor text, so the SEO value is very little, but that isn't entirely the → Read More

New Header, Sections & Enhancements


Elliot's Blog LogoA few people have asked today - and the answer is yes, my blog has a new header. I didn't think the old header was utilizing its space as well as possible, and the new header allowed me to easily add two new sections - a Domain Names for Sale section and an Expiring Domain Names section, which are both self-explanatory.

I haven't decided whether I am going to accept outside submissions for the sale section yet. As I've mentioned before, I don't like brokering domain names for others and only do so on rare occasions. If the demand is there, I may begin accepting domain name listings.

My designer was able to make a couple of enhancements to the structure of the blog as well, which will help with search engine optimization (I hope). Literally a half hour after he made a couple of changes to the site structure, I received a Google Alert with about 10 posts that had just been indexed from months ago. I don't know if it was coincidental or if the change had anything to do with the indexing, but either way, it is going to help in the → Read More