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Behind the $35k Purchase of Testimonial.io

According to its founder, Testimonial, is "a platform that helps businesses collect, manage and distribute testimonials in a single place." The company has used...

Turning Down a Big Opening Offer

A few weeks ago, I received a $500k opening offer for one of my one word .com domain names via Dan.com. This was a...

Chill.com Acquired for $1.6 Million

The Chill.com domain name is used by a company called Chill Brands that sells CBD-infused products. Chill.com was reportedly acquired by the company for...

Sedo Adds 6 New Payment Options

Sedo announced the addition of six new payment options for domain name buyers using its platform. According to a representative from Sedo, "hese additional...

Identity Digital: Donuts & Afilias Unveil Rebrand

At the end of 2020, Donuts acquired Afilias and its registry business. The two companies continued to operate and are now uniting under one...