Will Cryptocurrency New gTLD Domain Names be Valuable?


It seems that many new gTLD registries would like a second round of new gTLD applications. ICANN has not said when (or if) it will happen. It seems that there will be subsequent application rounds, but it is anybody’s guess when that will occur.

One of the biggest trends in domain names right now is cryptocurrency related domain names. I am not involved in that space, but there has been quite a bit of investment made there. Bloomberg covered the crypto domain trend, and anyone who has been on NamePros and monitors auctions and sales reports has noticed that cryptocurrency domain names have been selling regularly.

If companies could apply for new gTLD extensions now, I think cryptocurrency domain names would be very popular. Some of the extensions I can imagine would have applicants:

  • .Coin
  • .Bitcoin
  • .Crypto
  • .Etherium
  • .ICO
  • .BTC
  • .BCC
  • .Token
  • .Wallet

From a domain investor’s point of view, do you think the actual domain names will be valuable? It seems pretty clear that some of the new gTLD registries have been doing well despite the reseller aftermarket producing relatively few sales. I am curious if you think there would be a stronger aftermarket for domain names like Bit.Coin or Coin.Wallet for example.

One big risk with these types of domain names is the application process could take a long time. Essentially, a company could apply for an extension and it could take a couple of years (give or take) for the domain names to become available for sale. Things can change tremendously over time and the cryptocurrency market may look much different in the future – even nearterm.

What are your thoughts on cryptocurrency new domain extensions and cryptocurrency new gTLD domain names? Please adhere to the “no spam” comment rule.


  1. Offers are coming in for sure nice ones, .exchange $13K .network $4K etc… money is being made, and spent, and built out in this space.

  2. How many hard forks have we seen in Bitcoin in just the last three years? I’ve lost count. Then there are the failed forks too.

    BCH, one of the hottest currencies to come to the forefront after the last failed fork, is absent from the list of possible nTLDs above, illustrating how fast the field is changing.

    The field is so volatile that not all of the possibly proposed cryptocurrency TLDs are likely to represent coherent or brandable concepts by the time that applicants in the next nTLD round receive their delegations.

    We already have .CASH, a Donuts TLD with 11,288 domains registered, as shown today on nTLDstats. Aphorism: .CASH is king.

  3. I think bitcoin is great and has a lot of potential internationally.

    On the other hand, I so no need for the new gltds and think it is very safe to predict that they will all be .dead within the coming year.

  4. At this point in time we have around 1,223 domain extensions according to ntldstats.com. Some are available to everyone and some are private. I believe it was necessary for some new ones to come out to give some new opportunities to register relevant and beautiful one word + extension domains. At this point though I am not sure launching hundreds of more domain extensions is a good idea. There are so many new extensions that those crypto terms could be added in front of that already exist now. I personally enjoy the opportunity that the new top level domains have brought into the domain world and aftermarket. Not sure every term in the dictionary needs it’s own extension though.

  5. If it can hodl like an ETH wallet then .xyz too.

    But, when was the last time you saw an .xyz domain in a tweet.

    It seems twitter might have blacklisted anything containing .xyz from appearing on hashtags, timelines, or replies.

    Include any gtld or .com domain in a tweet, hashtag it out to an audience of non-followers, log out, and see it appear on all timelines.

    … except .xyz

    Send a tweet from one account to a non-following twitter account with an .xyz domain in the tweet, it never arrives.

    I think twitter has coded/declared a rule set that severely limits .xyz’s reach on the platform.

    • November 13 543.xyz is on thedomains timeline, so the block isn’t 100% systemwide. If in the future .xyz achieves widespread utilization as a “hot wallet” for sending and receiving Ethereum, twitter can jam specific accounts ability to tweet a wallet address.

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