Where Is Moniker Support?

Over the weekend, I received an email from Moniker that said four domain renewals could not be processed for me. I later figured out that these are names that are currently pending transfer to another registrar, but at the time of the email message, I didn’t realize that was the problem.

Below the error message in the email I was sent, there were three options listed. One was to manually renew the domain names and the second was to update an expired credit card. Since my credit card doesn’t expire for a few years, I knew this wasn’t the problem. The third option was “Please contact support if you have questions or comments” and support hyperlinked to the email address, support@moniker.com.

I sent an email inquiring about the problem, and almost instantly received an auto-generated reply: “IMPORTANT: THIS E-MAIL BOX IS NO LONGER BEING MANNED BY MONIKER SUPPORT STAFF.” Why give an email address that isn’t being monitored?

Below this message, there is a notice telling customers they need to log into their account and follow the customer support links. “Log into your account” is hyperlinked, but when clicked in Macmail, there’s an error that says “Error No associated application could be found.” Same thing happened when I clicked the hyperlinked “Log in now to request service on your Moniker account or ask a question.”

When I pasted the code into my blog, it read:  <a href=”blocked::http://support.oversee.net/”>. When I visited support.moniker.com, it forwarded me to help.moniker.com, which unfortunately, is a dead page. Because of the forward, I assume there was something there at one time, but that is no longer an option. When I clicked the support button in my control panel, I was taken to  https://support.oversee.net/index.php. Since Oversee no longer owns Moniker, I have no idea if this is even an option any longer.

Anyway, customer service and support are two of the most important aspects to a domain registrar for me, going hand in hand with my number 1 priority which is security. I know Moniker was purchased recently and announced about 3+ weeks ago, but I would have hoped this type of important issue would have already been addressed.

For years, Moniker was known for its extraordinary customer service and support, as I wrote about before when discussing Bari Meyerson. Hopefully, this and related issues will be looked at and rectified ASAP.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. I second Dean’s comment. I’m so used to being able to pick up the phone 24/7 and talk to a live person at GD that it’s a pain to deal with anything less than that. This sounds incredibly frustrating and you have every right to be upset. Don was my guy at Moniker, and he’s gone, too. I moved all my domains out last month.

  2. I third Dean’s comment. Just hope to hell you never have to use regular Godaddy customer service OR God-forbid their tech support. But the account rep is fantastic!

  3. Never actually used Moniker’s support but it’s ironic that you’re given the “endless loop” with regards to a service you’ve paid.

    Francois Carrillo pointed that out earlier on at http://domaingang.com/domain-news/moniker-support-still-points-to-oversee/

    With today’s technology being advanced to the point that long distance calls can be free, I have on occasion picked up the phone to talk to Fabulous.com in Australia, if it’s business hours down under. Other than that, email works.

  4. Dear Elliot,

    thank you for bringing this to our attention. Improving support is one of our main targets for the initial transition period as we are aware of the current situation.

    Both KeyDrive Group companies have a long tradition of providing outstanding customer support and we aim to bring the level of support of our new “family members” Moniker and Snapnames up to the same level.

    Best regards,

    Volker Greimann

  5. Abdu,
    right now my domains are spread over three registrars and as it is, it is hard to keep track of them all. However I am always open to better efficiency and services, I will take a look at Name.com, thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Thank you Elliot, we’ll get this addressed.

    To contact client services, please click on the “Support” icon from Moniker.com. It will take you to our support portal where you can open and monitor your support tickets.

    Once we migrate to our new system the link will change but will still be accessible from the “Support” icon.

    We are hiring and improving client services is a key initiative. We greatly appreciate our clients and look forward to making these improvements.

    Best Regards,
    Michele Van Tilborg
    Moniker & SnapNames

    • Hi, Michele — I’m not a client but having trouble with one. I was told by Moniker FB page to write abuse@ and legal@moniker. I’ve done this at least twice to both and have heard nothing. Who could I write if I don’t have a site with you? I’ve been trying to settle this for 8 months. Should be a very simple fix. Thank you.

    • Good morning Donna,

      Can you please contact me directly so that we can get the details.

      Michele Van Tilborg
      Moniker & SnapNames

    • I didn’t really get an answer, just that some mystery person is using your name to spam me? Does not sound logical for a company that no longer exists.

  7. Doesn’t it say a lot about the current state of support with domain parking groups that you need to have a blog and start a thread complaining about poor customer service to get something done that’s so basic? I’m having the same issue STILL with Afternic/SmartName and domain conflicts. It’s been five days and after 4 e-mails I still can’t add my new domain to my account. What a joke!

  8. I noticed that DomainInvesting.com is now registered with GoDaddy after being with Moniker for almost 5 years.

    Perhaps Moniker/Oversee should Not have let go of Don Lyons & Bari Meyerson (2 months ago) so quicky before the company sale/ acquisition …since new/more staff was and still is clearly & admittedly needed to handle the volume and client service needs/wants ….

    Don & Bari were largely well like and very knowledgeable about all facets of Moniker and much of the client base…….Maybe it would be a really good decision to hire them back rather then train new reps from scratch who will likely take a while to “get up-to-snuff” ….. this would be a win-win for both current Moniker/KeyDrive mgmt and staff (who are over-loaded right now) as well as certainly the client base….. just say’in

  9. Indeed… I also very much like having max phone access to a real person(s) on key items… even well into the night and on weekend days .. this has helped G-Daddy get more & more customers…beyond their blockbuster marketing & advertizing efforts …. I had been sugesting this to Moniker and some other domain platforms (like Sedo) for a few years

  10. Bari Meyerson was my account exec also.

    The support at Moniker has been awful for quite awhile, and she was the only reason I used Moniker.

    Don Lyons was great as well.

    Great employees are hard to find. I think letting great employees go was a huge mistake. Any money saved is going to be surpassed by revenue lost.


  11. @ Brad

    “Great employees are hard to find. I think letting great employees go was a huge mistake. Any money saved is going to be surpassed by revenue lost.”
    That’s a Bingo !

    ……. been also saying essentially the same thing to several colleagues for a while —-> It’s sorta like “Throwing Out the Baby with the Bath Water” !

  12. @ Mr Dots

    ‘Don & Bari were largely well like and very knowledgeable about all facets of Moniker and much of the client base…….Maybe it would be a really good decision to hire them back rather then train new reps from scratch who will likely take a while to “get up-to-snuff” ….. this would be a win-win for both current Moniker/KeyDrive mgmt and staff (who are over-loaded right now) as well as certainly the client base….. just say’in”

    Don was our account rep for years and was great to work with — an asset to the company. It would be great to have him back.

    Elliot, try contacting Navin… I’m sure he can help.
    (Send pm if you need his contact info)

  13. @New Moniker people

    Your responses sound great and professional, but good responses and promises of a better tomorrow are nothing compared to action. Get a phone number that a human answeres in the meantime rather than tell us to “just hang in there” with our million dollar assets. Once your amazing new support system is up and running feel free to ditch the phone number. You guys are lucky to have moniker, it’s probably the most serious non-private registrar (by composition of domains) in the biz. You have the best domains under your management.

  14. Tried to give moniker more business, Michelle blew me off, then bumped my fees 3bucks per domain. I just moved a couple hundred to godaddy. Moniker is total crap now. No one there cares. It’s just going downhill from here

  15. I have many domains over at moniker and now that Bari is no longer there, (Bummer) i open a ticket and gets resolved within 24 hrs. Little better support ticket process since NameDrive took over, before if Bari couldnt help the support ticket system would take about 2-3 day to resolve.

  16. @Dean

    I agree, every other blog or so i visit I hear people hating on GoDaddy. I have yet to see any real serious issue with them. Contact/Support is A+++++.

  17. i had read that moniker/snapnames was great for selling expired domain, so at one time i thought i would move a few over there..i also liked the idea of the live auctions they featured.
    i talked to a very nice lady there and she said i had to transfier the names to moniker first then they would be in snapnames featured section.
    the problem was when i was ready to do it, i called moniker to do the tranfiers no one answered the phone so i called over to snapnames but there was still no answer.. then after i left a message back over on moniker i never got a call back.
    i have been in sales for 20 years and i know if i had a person wanting to to do business with me, that was my first call back.
    i never called them back again cause it seemed to me they didn’t want my business.

    but i have to say the 2 ladies i had talked with were very nice..but business is business.

    godaddy does do a good job, i have found a few good reps that i can e-mail when i have a question and they call me right back.

  18. I’ve had a similar issue regarding their premium spring auction submission. Carla used to be my acct rep there, but since the sale I think it’s now a separate entity to either Snapnames and Moniker.

    I’m calling then directly on the Gphone app in Gmail (free calls to Canada and USA yay!)

    I’ll see if this can get my query/submission resolved.

  19. Okay, so Godaddy is the registrar of choice with all these noobs, eh? Let’s make so much money on tricking people to accidentally click the 100+ upsell checkboxes so they can afford to “be the best in customer service”.

    Why don’t you Godaddy lovers make a small change on your domains when you get an offer from a buyer? Like, “oops, my registration info has an old phone number”. Go ahead, update your phone number, then try to sell your domain to the new buyer.

    Better hope that “new buyer” has a GoDaddy acct, because if they don’t, you just put a 60 (as in “SIXTY”) day lock on your domain being transferred away from GoDaddy.

    Which means, your buyer will have to create a GoDaddy account to get the domain. Talk about tricks, whizbangs, slight of hand, sexual titillation, huge upsell promotions during domain registrations, and that spells out: GO DADDY

    Try Fabulous.com if you want good prices and customer service.

  20. I’ve never understood the appeal of Moniker. In exchange for spending more on your domain than you would at Godaddy, you get a very clunky/confusing interface, and email only “support”. Then, when you need help with something, you send an email, wait 24hrs and get a response that suggests your email was quickly scanned and misunderstood so that you have to start the whole frustrating process over again. You’d think that with all the money they generate through Snapnames that they could afford to run their company like it was more than just a mom and pop basement operation. For starters, how about getting a phone?

  21. @Stephen Douglas

    There are trade-offs with every registrar.I agree about the 60 day lock being a pain, but I’ve never had any trouble getting a buyer to open a free Godaddy account for me to push a domain into. Also, their premium domain listings are by far my most successful venue for promoting domains with the only exception being direct marketing. Yeah I know, you have to wait for a check and pay Godaddy a 30% commission, but waiting for a check is better than having an unsold domain sitting in my portfolio.

  22. Dang… some more bad luck/misfortune today at Oversee/Moniker/SnapNames/DomainSponsor….. as for the multiple websites today….they’ve been down, not resolving, spotty (on & off) and/or preventing login…. caused me from being able to put a few backorders in at Snap before daily deadline time… Bummer

    Perhaps due to the associated synching & revamping with KeyDrive’s systems & platform ???

  23. Where is Moniker Support? Excellent question. I manage about 12 domains for my father, a lawyer, in my Moniker account. He bought a premium domain and moved his site from his old domain to his new premium domain. I setup URL Forwarding and Email forwarding via Moniker for my Dad’s new domain. Should have been simple.

    Unfortunately the E-Mail forwarding didn’t work out. Emails to the old domain are bouncing. Everything is setup correctly. Dad is losing business in a big way.

    I put in a VIP support ticket to moniker because apparently I have this option. It tells me that although the offices are closed after hours and weekends people are still dealing with these support tickets.

    I submitted the ticket on Thursday evening. Nothing happened, nobody called, nobody emailed, not even an auto response. It’s Friday night now, and they are closed for the weekend and poor dad has no email, which is really pissing him off.

    The support ticket was titled in all caps “Urgent Issue”.

    Nobody cared.

    Moniker will not be a top 10 registrar for much longer if this keeps up. ALL their clients are domainers (for the most part). Losing 1 customer is like losing 1,000 domains, at least.

    I understand they are re-organizing and getting their act together, but give me a break, that should be THEIR PROBLEM not our problem. It should be hectic in their office, not ours while they are trying to figure it out. For the customer it should be like any other day.

  24. Interesting.
    I’ve never had a problem getting a quick response from Moniker. Of course I’m not surprised that there may be few bumps as they transition to KeyDrive. I, also, will miss Don – he managed to be professional while always being personable.

  25. Today was my first experience with Moniker customer service WITHOUT Bari.


    I had a simple question so I just called the toll free #. Forget the fact that the rep didn’t know who I was, he didn’t know what Domainfest was, when it happened nor that Moniker hosted a live auction there. I asked him if he worked for a call center or for Moniker directly. He said he worked for Moniker but gave me attitude and told me that if I wasn’t happy with his service, I could submit a ticket online. I asked if he was new to Moniker because he should know what Domainfest is. He didn’t answer. After about 25 mins of him putting me on hold and me repeating all my information 3 times, I was finally was transferred to Howard who answered my question in 30 seconds.
    Not a fun experience.

  26. I’ve used the Godaddy VIP service and it was great HOWEVER, I’ve had to ccenal it as it was detrimental to my sales due to the fact that they were not available during nights and weekends.I’ve had two instances where I almost lost the sale and one where the delay allowed the buyer a cooling off period and a reduction in the sale price. This was all in the first week I started using it! Impulse buys require fast responses. International sales could be in the middle of the night.One time the system had an error and locked up the Transfer Release not just for me but for others as well and this was near the end of the day. I was told by my rep that the one guy they had who was the only one that can get into the system and manually unlock it had went home for the day. It took two days to fix that. True VIP service is 24/7/365. Returned verification calls guaranteed within at least 15 minutes with an immediate transfer release.I would go back to it if they would implement improvements.Right now I secure the names with constant password changes and changing the whois info to lock the names down for 60 days at a time to disallow transfers out of godaddy

  27. Does anyone found a way to contact Moniker’s support?
    If you send them an email you get an automatic response requiring a ticket from your account support panel, and if you do that you just get an error from the form and the ticket isn’t created, it’s impossible!

  28. I appreciate the support issue somehow it is not as simple with them as it could be. From their website page you look at the footer and find contact and there you will see their 800 number.

    Once you get them on the phone I find them pretty helpful. Has anyone here noticed these “Scary Insecure Certificate” Red warning screens. I think you get these with any “self-signed” certificate. Yet it is always alarming!

  29. So far, Support has gone above and beyond to compensate for occasional software glitches. Today was the last day a “pending delete” domain would be in my account, but I decided to renew it, but Moniker had a software glitch connecting to Paypal, so one of the top people stayed late on the East Coast to bring accounting a printout of a statement that funded my Moniker account enough to renew the one domain. He personally asked accounting to post the credit today, so I could renew it before it would be deleted tomorrow! And Sean in Customer Service spent 45 minutes on the phone with me prior to that, answering questions and updating my ticket. Nothing but praise!

  30. I am sorry I ever registered domains with this company. I just spend 30 minutes on hold, before they told me “no one is available to take your call.” They appear to have no email support ticket system either. When I click on “submit question” it just takes me to a FAQ area. This is the worst “support” I have experienced with a major company.

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