Leap Year Domain Registrations


It’s February 29, 2012, and there won’t be another February 29 until 2016. I am sure more than one person is wondering what the expiration date would be for domain names registered on “Leap Day” since there will be no February 29th next year.

For that question, CentralNic CTO Gavin Brown has your answer:

Twitter is a great place to learn new things!

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  1. My youngest was born on 29Feb04, so today he’s gone to school with two badges on his sweater; one saying ‘2 Today’ and the other ‘8 Today’.

  2. “That’s still 365 days according to my math which is right 50% of the time.”


    You say you are “right 50% of the time”.

    Is your math 100% correct on that statement or does the 50% also apply?


  3. Why will the domain expire on Feb 28th next year? If I register a domain today, which is the day immediately after the 28th, a domain should expire exactly the day after Feb 28th next year, so March 1st 2013.

  4. @Nameclerk

    Yes, I would have had it for 366 days, but it would the same if I registered a domain on Feb 28th 2012: it would expire on Feb 28th, 2013 (366 days).

  5. Careful here folks.

    I visited the future a few minutes ago to check on this … and discovered that all names registered today mysteriously disappeared at midnight tonight (based on the time used by the registrar for the names) from every ones’ accounts … not to reappear until the next February 29th …

    My guess is due to something possibly related to the Y2K problem.

    Only difference is, this problem is for real.

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