Weekend Updates – Daylight Savings Time


I want to share some updates and tips with you. Don’t forget, daylight savings time starts tomorrow in most places in the United States. Hope you have a good weekend.

  • If you buy domain names from larger companies in the aftermarket, I find it better to save groups of names of interest as you find them. Inquire about several names at once, maybe once a month or every couple of months. Generally speaking, you’ll get better deals when you buy in bulk. You might also consider adding names you don’t want to the list to disguise the names you do want.
  • Don’t forget this handy tip to find a buyer for your domain name. Search Google for your domain name, and contact the companies who use your keyword domain name in their domain name. For instance, a company that uses FinancialPlanners.com or EventPlanners.com could possibly want to shorten their url to Planners.com. There are many companies that use “Brand”Category.com, and if you own Category.com, they might want to upgrade.
  • It was nice to see Domain Name Sales’ infographic on Mashable last week. I think the infographic is a great visual to show why a company would want to buy a descriptive domain name. I also think Edwin’s comment was on the money.
  • Would anyone be up for an NCAA tournament bracket contest? Maybe something along the lines of a $10 entry fee to participate? If there’s interest from more than a few people, I will set something up.
  • A few of my public recent auction purchases: RaceNights.com, BiomedicalSupply.com, MaritalHelp.com, CapitolRealEstate.com, and CounselingCenters.com
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  1. @Elliot

    When you sold “BiomedicalSupply.com”, can you let us know for how much?! I have something which has similar format, so it would be ultra interesting for me to know the price.

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