Water Night Raises $90k for Water School


Water SchoolWater Night is the annual party thrown at the end of NamesCon to raise money for the non-profit Water School. Conference sponsors and NamesCon attendees join together for a party at the Havana Room in the Tropicana Hotel, and proceeds from the event are donated to the Water School.

Yesterday evening, the Water School tweeted out that the event raised about $90,000 in funds. The Water School also mentioned that this amount of money will help 2,500 families:

One of the most fun part of the night is the “water shave,” where several members of the domain industry volunteer to have their heads shaved to raise funds for the Water School. This year, participants included Cate Colgan, Kevin Kopas, Brian Cute, and Daniel Law. You can see some of the water shave photos in DNJournal.

If you aren’t familiar with the Water School, it is an organization that is championed by several long-time domain investors. Richard Lau is an Executive Director of the Water School and Gregg McNair serves on the Board of Directors. Here’s what the Water School does:

“WaterSchool’s team works in partnership with community leaders and grassroots organizations in the developing world to provide simple, affordable methods for improving the quality of water and sanitation practices. To us, it’s simple: clean water changes everything.”

Unfortunately, my redeye flight back to Boston prevented me from attending Water Night this year. I will still make a donation to the Water School to help support their mission. I think it’s great so see people supporting something meaningful.


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