I Want To Buy a Website


I am looking to buy a website, and I invite you to submit yours if you are looking to sell your website. I have a few very firm requirements, so please do not submit your website if it doesn’t meet all of these requirements. To save us both time, if it doesn’t meet all requirements, the answer is “thanks, but no thanks,” and the comment won’t be posted.


  • Must be a directory website, preferably for a service
  • Must have at least 300 directory listings all either manually added by you or by advertisers
  • Must be on a keyword exact match .com domain name (look at what I buy for an idea)
  • Website needs to be live and have been live for at least 5 years
  • Website must make at least $800 per year
  • Website must be monetized via Adsense and/or direct ad placements (no affiliate sites)
  • You must be able to prove the revenue (ie stats, ¬†receipts…etc).

I don’t particularly care what CMS it is on, as I will most likely transfer it to WordPress. The design doesn’t really matter to me either, as I will probably look into redesigning it anyway.

I’ve bought two websites before and have been happy with the results. I want to take something you started and make it into something bigger and hopefully better. I value exact match .com domain names, and that’s what I am looking to buy.

The budget is flexible depending on what you have and how much the site is earning.

If you have something that meets all requirements, please post the website in the comment section below. Don’t post the price. I will be in touch if I am interested and then we can discuss the price. It’s not fair for you to put a price on your site on my blog since you don’t really have control of the content once you post and I understand domain name and website pricing is dynamic.


  1. All unrelated comments have been deleted and subsequent comments will be deleted as well. If you don’t have a website for sale that meets all requirements, your comment doesn’t belong here.

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