“Milk Smashing” is Popular and MilkSmashing.com is Cheap

I was reading the Boston Globe today, and I read an article discussing a new trend called “milk smashing” (also known as gallon smashing). Apparently, it involves people going into a grocery store, smashing a gallon of milk on the floor and jumping in the milk while someone films the entire thing to post online.

I don’t really get why this has become the cool thing to do, but who am I to judge. I did see that SmashingMilk.com is currently listed for sale on Sedo for the bargain basement price of $249. I don’t buy trendy domain names, so it’s not a name I’d want to buy, but if this really is a big thing, someone could probably make money on that investment.

This “milk smashing” trend seems to be happening all over the country. There are articles in publications in Denver, Buffalo, Philadelphia, and I am sure it’s happening elsewhere.

As with every trend, this one likely (hopefully) won’t last too long, so it’s a limited opportunity. Sort of like Tebowing and Planking.

The domain name was registered just this month by someone in California and it’s listed for sale on Sedo. I neither have any financial stake in a sale nor was I asked to promote this listing.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. It is called Stupidity!!

    Like you, I keep my elephant ears for new trends or what happening around the world and the best one that is gaining very popular is talking about death and cafes are a good place to host them.

    DeathCafes or deathcafe are the names.

    Guess who got one of them and offers already pouring in.

    Reg with 99cent code.

    Who says hand reg is Stupid?

  2. This fad came out a few months back, and since every grocery store has cameras, it is going to get criminal real quick, so don’t see it lasting… all the good names, have already been flipped.

  3. Flash mob now takes the silver medal in the dumb hall of fame.

    I’d like to see a f/u video w/ the proud parents.

  4. Don’t worry they will raise the price from $250 to $4800 like the owner of Pornstarswithoutmakeup.com and miss out on an easy sale.

  5. Thanks Elliot,

    That was me selling it and someone bought it today for the $249 so thanks for the kind word.

    I do still have available,

    Thanks again

  6. I just checked if Milk Smashers dot com is available and noticed that it was registered few hours ago. Then read comments till the end and found out who is the owner 🙂

    • Maybe, but as you can see in the mainstream news sources I quoted, people are calling it milk smashing, too. Whatever the case is, someone bought the domain name for what is probably a good price assuming they can get a site built and drive traffic.

  7. In Canada we call it milk bag smashing. It isn’t quite as entertaining, takes longer and sometimes people join in…not to smash just to help you pick up the bags because they believe you dropped them.

  8. Here is the situation I hate.
    The Godaddy 60 day lock.

    The buyer has chosen to wait for the lock to expire (43 days) instead of opening a Godaddy account and Pushing it into their account.

    Who knows, by the time they get the domain the fad could be over.
    Why not push the domain today and start collecting the rewards?

    If the buyer is reading this I hope they change their mind.

  9. I checked ‘Milk-Smashing dot com’ few hours ago is available and that it was registered few hours ago.
    I just bought MilkSmashPrank dot com what do you think?

  10. I missed out buying the .com gallonsmashing by a few hours
    Then everything got taken on the same day

    I had .com milk smashing in my gd cart that changed my mind

    Congrats to the seller wish I bought it when I had the chance

  11. As if the milk industry wasn’t disgusting/cruel enough…then you have these idiots. What a waste of a commodity. I’m sure these are the same people that complain when prices go up.

    @Gary Dell, I could not agree more. Of course when that happens they’ll just run to Daddy who will always bail them out. It’s the entitled generation way of doing things.

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