Use Facebook to Buy Domain Names

 Facebook.I send out a lot of domain inquiries for domain names I’d like to purchase. Unfortunately, my inquires don’t always yield responses, despite the fact that I try to make fair value offers for these domain names. I am certain that I it’s not always because the owner doesn’t want to sell that I don’t receive a reply though.

There are many reasons why you may never hear from a domain owner when you make a genuine inquiry:

  • Email gets marked as spam/junk
  • Owner gets too many emails
  • Email address not active
  • Domain owner is out of town for an extended period

With social networking sites becoming popular for people of all ages, it’s much easier to get in touch with a domain owner on Facebook, and I have almost completed my first acquisition using the site.

When sending an inquiry via Facebook, I recommend a brief introduction, since sending a message on Facebook is more personal than a simple blind email. In the first message, after you introduce yourself, you should confirm that the person is the owner of the domain name. It helps to know where the Whois registrant lives and match it up with the Facebook profile.   Let the person know you’re interested in buying the domain name and would like to discuss a potential sale.

I’ve received a number of replies using Facebook to connect, and it’s a really good way to get in touch with someone, as many people rely on Facebook for their connections.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Hhhmm… while I agree with you, contact by all means possible and I do, I had a bad experiemce with FB the only time I tried it. So I exhaust all conventional routes, email, phone etc. The person is nearly a ghost except for that I found her on FB! So I send a nice message and offer ( it was 6 figs ) with my home number. Two hours later I get a call that goes as follows…

    Me: Hello
    Her: You POS *************** you invaded my privacy etc and slams the phone before I can say anything.

    Some people just don’t like money lol

  2. @Josh

    Sure it was the right person? Only a domainer would go to such lengths to orchestrate a sale and only a fellow domainer would appreciate your efforts and the 6 figure sum you were offering for the domain!

  3. Don’t forget Twitter which IMO is more business oriented. The only problem with contacting a domain registrant directly is that the moment you contact them their perception of its value escalates considerably. Of course if you are interested in a specific domain you have no choice. But if you are merely looking for a domain for a website on a particular topic, you could probably post in the domains wanted section of NP & DNF, specify a healthy budget and you will get a number of responses.

  4. Twitter, not Facebook, for domain leads and sales. No way would I use Facebook… its not what people are on there for.

  5. @ Mike

    I would never communicate with a domain owner via Twitter, as it would let others know of my interest. Both social networking websites are to connect people.

  6. It was the right lady alright, I really felt like send her another message, something along the lines of ” wow youre fat ” but my better judgement won out 🙁

    The name by was a great ” loan ” name, her father used to own a bank, it went belly up, so she either has more money than most or is peeved the vultures are circling….or she was just a….

  7. I have had good success contacting through twitter…twitter is a socail networking site where most have public access ….contacting through facebook unwanted is just pure spam if you are not a friend.

  8. nice idea Eliot.
    i have always used a brokerage service like if the owner is non traceable but i like the facebook idea.

  9. Elliot

    If you have an idea to SELL through FB or other social networks, i’d like to hear about it.

    Josh feel free to call with a 6 figure offer! What do you mean by “Or she was just a……” blonde?


  10. @ Josh,

    Oh man… hope that’s not the same lady I’m trying to contact to BUY a domain she owns… this domain isn’t that incredible tho… probably a low 4 figure at best. No answer yet after two days, BUT

    here’s a question for El:

    What do you do about privacy settings? There’s only one way in… unless you can find that person somehow through SE research on their name and hope it’s the right person.

  11. @Stephen, I was lucky, hers was wide open 🙂

    Likely not the same lady, this name was 6 figs!

    Easy way to tell, if it was once owned by a defunct bank and her daddy owned it, it’s her lol

  12. I am after a domain that has been sleeping now for as many years as the internet has been alive-my detective work (as the domain has nothing-nothin in source code,nothin in sc links etc etc) i discovered that its owned BY THE MINISTERY OF DEFENCE?!?!?!? In the united kingdom-the reason obviously being they dont want anyone using it(which is crazy as we all know on dom searches yu can get near as possible )This is unfair+i want the domain (i could also raise a case for copyright by informing a certain rock band whom if they wanted to-could have a case for the release of the domain -given its thier name & the .com is the worldwide web address that people want)
    Other than write to the MOD & let them get the drop on me-who can i write to to have a case heard? as the govt control everythin in the uk i realise its gonna be tricky.But the name isnt being used+most people when they cant get a name cos its in use,simply dont question it & move on (usually cos they are in a hurry 2 get on)

  13. One factor that was disreguarded in this blog, is that many people approach the domain name owner with bids that are insulting ….. I own several domain names;,,,, and to name a few ….. and I have been ignoring queries about all my domains names becuase those who inquired was not serious enough in their bids ……

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