“Trump” on Trending Registrations List


I always like reading about the trending domain registration keywords  when Verisign shares its monthly report. This afternoon, Verisign shared the .com and .net keyword trends for July, and there was a pretty big surprise on the list. “Trump” was listed at #5 for .com domain names.

Using Verisign’s Keyword trend tool, it looks like 1,369 domain names with the keyword “trump,” were registered during the month of July.  I am quite sure the reason Trump was in the top 10 list is because of Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign.

Some of the domain names that were registered in July include the following:

  • TrumpCuban16.com
  • TrumpForceOne.com
  • VoteForTheTrumpinator.com
  • TheTrumpinator.com
  • Trumpy2016.com

There are certainly some domain registrations in this huge list that have nothing to do with Mr. Trump or his company, despite including the word “trump” in them. For instance, domain names such as TrumpetCity.com and FullSpectrumPrebiotics.com don’t seem to have anything to do with Mr. Trump, his campaign, or his company.

Interestingly, Mr. Trump and his company have been regular UDRP filers when it comes to domain names the company believes infringe upon its trademarks. A few recent examples of UDRP wins for Mr. Trump and his company include TrumpEstates.com, TrumpPalace.com, and TrumpCard.com. Mr. Trump and his attorneys seem to do well when it comes to UDRP filings.

It will be interesting to see how Mr. Trump, his Presidential campaign, and the Trump Organization deal with domain names that have Trump in them. Some of them may have been created to use as a venue to express their opinions about Mr. Trump, while others may be speculative investments based on the future of the campaign.

Personally, it seems like much more risk than reward, but some people seem to want the attention.

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  1. If 1,369 domain names registered in July have ‘trump’ in them, then Mr Trump’s attorneys have a serious work to do going by their antecedents.

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