“Trend” Domain: AgricultureFund.com

I know there are a number of domain investors who like to buy “trend” domain names, and while it may be a smart move, it’s not something I do very often. I read an article in the New York Observer today about how some hedge funds are coping with doomsday scenarios, in the event of high inflation and political uncertainty.

After reading about how several hedge funds and mutual funds have started “agriculture funds,” with investments in farm lands and related assets, it led me to do some domain research on that topic to see if there were any interesting domain names for sale.

I saw that the owner of AgricultureFunds.com is asking $14,500 for the domain name at Go Daddy. I also saw that Buy Domains owns the singular AgricultureFund.com domain name, and the asking price is much more reasonable, at under $1,500.  IMO, it’s a pretty good price for this domain name since it seems that many leading investment firms have started or are thinking about starting an agriculture fund.

If the name is of interest to you, I recommend emailing sonia @ buydomains.com to but it. You can also follow the link on the landing page and buy it that way.  I think it’s a good price, and if I was interested in longer term investments on trending domain names, it would be a name I’d buy.

BTW, there is no affiliate link here and nobody from Buy Domains / NameMedia asked me to post this. I am getting nothing from this post… just want to be clear.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    • @ Ron

      I buy names to re-sell them as quickly as possible or to develop them. I don’t want to buy a name I will need to wait to sell. I think it’s a good value for now and will likely be worth more down the road. It’s sort of the way I feel about .CO domain names. I think it’s a good name at a good price, but not a name I’d be interested in buying for a short term flip.

      BTW, I was going to post something similar about BabyRegistries.com being for sale at Protopixel (Dark Blue Sea) last week, but I did what you said, bought it, and had it built myself. I actually had the post all written and thought that I could build it and monetize it, so I did. More on that tomorrow 😉

  1. Elliot knows the world is coming to an end this weekend that why he needs to flip fast.

    Anyway, there will be a domain meltdown and all domains will be lost.

  2. i just want to say that the “ron s” above is not me…..people are posting using other peoples screen name…..in future I will not use Ron s….

  3. The key to trends is to get ahead of them. One of the prime ‘upcoming market’ terms here is AgricultureREIT.com, which I took at the close of 09.

    Or, AgriculturalREIT.com (got that) AgREIT.com (that too). Plurals, got those too.

    Someone already got to FarmlandREIT in 07 (and registered it out to 10 years straight away), so I went ahead and took the plural, figuring that when the balloon goes up, there will probably be more than one.

    By the time this sort of shit gets domainer blog posts or a dedicated thread on Namepros and the monkeys start spastically registering “theme names”, it’s way, way too late.

    To get ahead, you have to think ahead.

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