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“Trend” Domain:


I know there are a number of domain investors who like to buy "trend" domain names, and while it may be a smart move, it's not something I do very often. I read an article in the New York Observer today about how some hedge funds are coping with doomsday scenarios, in the event of high inflation and political uncertainty.

After reading about how several hedge funds and mutual funds have started "agriculture funds," with investments in farm lands and related assets, it led me to do some domain research on that topic to see if there were any interesting domain names for sale.

I saw that the owner of is asking $14,500 for the domain name at Go Daddy. I also saw that Buy Domains owns the singular domain name, and the asking price is much more reasonable, at under $1,500.  IMO, it's a pretty good price for this domain name since it seems that many leading investment firms have started or are thinking about starting an agriculture fund.

If the name is of interest to you, I recommend → Read More

TechCrunch Article Should Update Characterization of Domain Company


DomainMarket.comTechCrunch is one of my favorite websites to read, and I have to say, I spend quite a bit of time on the site. I especially enjoy reading articles by Michael Arrington, Robin Wauters, and Erick Schonfeld, two TechCrunch staff journalists. Unfortunately, I disagree with the portrayal of Mike Mann's Domain Asset Holdings in yesterday's article about Facebook's UDRP filing for 21 domain names.

First, let's start with the case. Facebook filed a UDRP for 21 domain names owned by Domain Asset Holdings that included the term "Facebook" in them. Some of these names include, Some might think it's a cut and dry case, but with trademark law, there's very little that is cut and dry.

When I was in college, there was a freshman facebook distributed to all RAs, administrators, and freshmen. I am sure there are plenty of other colleges that did and still do the same. Facebook the company did not coin the term "facebook" despite making it into a well-known brand. That being said, according to Domain → Read More

Estibot Begins Listing Domains for Sale


I am not a fan of domain appraisals. I don't believe in them at all, especially automated domain appraisals that really can't have a "gut feel" about the value, which is often the most important thing for me when considering a domain name.

In fact, I actually have a template I use when I am trying to buy a domain name and the owner mentions or suggests an appraisal.

Ok, now that this caveat is out of the way, I will admit that I checked out an appraisal on Estibot the other day, and I noticed they now seem to list domain names that are for sale in a manner similar to DomainTools.

The name in the graphic above is owned by iReit, and is currently listed for sale at  I am not sure what sales platforms are integrated with Estibot, but I checked a Buy Domains-owned name and it had a sales link, but a Sedo listed name did not have the for sale listing. → Read More

How Do I Reply to a Domain Offer?


It''s a bit strange to me, but there are a lot of domain investors that don't know the best way to reply to a domain offer. Don't get me wrong, it's not as easy and as clear cut as it may seem, but in my opinion, if you are going to be a domain investor with a goal of selling domain names, you need to know how to reply to an offer to close a deal.

First off, it's critical to research who your potential buyer might be by using the email address, name, IP address and/or anything else revealing about the potential buyer. This is important to make sure they aren't going to use your reply in a UDRP or lawsuit, and so you are able to know why the domain name is coveted and how it will be used. I don't like pricing domain names based on the size of the wallet of the buyer, but it would suck to sell a domain name for $5,000 when the buyer is going to spend millions of dollars to market a new brand around a specific domain name.

With that being said, I want to give you a recommendation to learn a good way to reply to potential buyers: → Read More

Corn Refiners Association Knows What’s Important When it Comes to Rebranding


There's an interesting article in the New York Times today about the Corn Refiners Association's attempt to rebrand the high-fructose corn syrup ingredient that's apparently earned the scorn and concern of health conscience consumers.

If you've ever read the label of just about any type of processed food, you've probably seen high-fructose corn syrup close to the top of the ingredient list. I don't know much about this product, but according to the article and some research published by a market research firm, "about 58 percent of Americans say they are concerned that high-fructose corn syrup poses a health risk."

I guess in an effort to change perceptions of this ingredient, the Corn Refiners Association has chosen to refer to this ingredient as "Corn Sugar." The organization smartly bought the corresponding domain name, and they have information about it on the website.

Perhaps as a result of owning the exact match keyword domain name, ranks in the top 10 in Google for the "corn sugar" search, → Read More

Buy Domains: With No Money Down


One of the best things about buying domain names from NameMedia's Buy Domains is that I can use my American Express card to make the purchase instead of having to pay with a wire transfer or ACH. Even better is that they don't charge anything extra for using my AmEx. This is great for two reasons.

I get American Express Rewards points for my purchases. These points can be used for gift cards, hotel nights, upgrades, and many other great products and services. Since most of the acquisitions aren't cheap, the points can add up quickly.

The biggest reason though, is that I can buy domain names that I plan to re-sell with what amounts to no money down, and I can re-sell them before I even pay off my credit card at the end of the month. Its like a no interest loan, which can't be beat. Of course, this depends on where in my billing cycle I buy the names and whether or not I am able to make a quick flip, but generally speaking, it can give me at least a couple of weeks before having to actually physically pay.

Buy Domains is a → Read More

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