Testing Domain Name Parking Companies

Just about all the domain names I own that get type-in traffic are developed. As a result, I don’t do much parking. Well, I do park a lot of domain names, but 99.9% of them don’t make much money, and I don’t even consider PPC a revenue stream for my businesses. For years, I’ve been very happy using Fabulous for parking, and I still am happy – especially with their great customer service.

However, I’ve decided to do some testing. Generally, when I buy a domain name, I park it for a few days or weeks while deciding whether to develop or re-sell. More often than not, these domain names generate some money because they are better than the standard inventory of speculative domain names I own. I would usually add them to my Fabulous account and the default nameservers would automatically send the traffic to Fabulous.

During the past couple of domain conferences, I’ve had the chance to speak with Sig Solares, CEO of Parked.com, and over the past couple of years, I’ve spoken with a number of happy customers of Parked.com. I haven’t heard a bad word about the company, and it seems that people are very happy working with Parked.com and it’s knowledgeable and friendly account team. With that said, I am going to be doing some testing of their platform over the next few months to get to know the company better and to see how my domain names do with them.

If I had relied on parking revenue as even a small source of my income, I would have been testing already, but I don’t so I haven’t. However, I like what I hear about the team at Parked.com and their company, and I am excited to give them a try as I continue to acquire domain names in the aftermarket.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Fabulous and Parked seem to be the best. I do have domains parked with traffic and I seem to do best with Fabulous.

    One thing I have never been able to answer, and is a bit of a pain to do… but I call it the 5 day switch.

    Every 5 days, move the domain from Fabulous to Parked. In 5 days repeat with the reverse.

    I always do best in the first 5 days of a domain being with a parking service… why that is, I’m not sure.

    Once you have things set up with both parking services, then it’s just about changing DNS. I do not do the 5 day switch very often, but again, I have noticed that my domains do the best for the first 5 days with a parking service.

  2. I don’t have a lot of good domains for parking, however I was quite happy with how Parked performed even for them. One of my meaningless 4 letter .coms made $25 there over the course of a year which I doubt would have made $1 at Sedo.

  3. Parked.com has really good (fast) data viewing tools, which is the number one hassle I’ve had with other options. You can specify a lot of things about your pages, including Page Title tag, keywords, description, and more, plus you can add your own info at the bottom of the page. It’s also nice to get paid twice a month.

  4. I have used parked.com for years. I don’t make much money from parking either but they have the best revenue and great customer service and their user interface is by far the easiest to use.

    Don’t forget about whypark. They now have the same exact feed as parked.com if you select the whypark ads to show.

    You might get an extra kick in traffic with whypark if one of your domains gets picked up by yahoo (forget about getting picked up at google).

  5. Hey El-Silver,

    You almost described my own buying strategies and domain monetization perfectly.

    I buy my domains first at Fabulous. I ask for categorization during the purchase process, and Big Mikey Robertson of Fab takes care of that just nicely, thanks.

    If I’m transferring a domain name to sell, I ALWAYS transfer to Moniker, and then list the domains on Snapnames. This is a must.

    If I’m ready to push the domain to dedicated PPC (and I don’t have a great PPC portfolio either), I go to Parked. I was advised to do this almost 2 years ago by the best domain journalist in our business. *Not to say you’re not the best, ol buddy

    Parked.com works great in all aspects. I moved all my domains and my clients domains from TrafficZ about a year ago when certain changes within Thought Convergence lowered my payouts for some reason. I was loyal to TZ since 2004.

    And of course, my favorite “exciting new opportunity for domain monetization” for longtails and niches, I brought them and am still bringing them to — Whypark.com. Since they get the Parked.com feed, what a difference. And I have an article coming up on my blog soon about a big surprise in my own personal searching for a product online, and how Whypark actually performed higher than anyone could have expected.

    All the companies I just mentioned have SUPERB customer service, and are dedicated to making it easier for the domain investor to manage their portfolio.

    Nice article, El.

  6. While I have never parked with Parked or Fabulous, so I cannot compare, I must say that I have had only pleasant experiences with NameDrive – reliable, good support. I have never had very high clicks with them – my highest for the past year was one with Adsense at $8, but it happened only once, unfortunately.
    Whypark: difficult to make an assessment at this point: there have been a few good clicks, but the average daily revenue remains very low, with some 200 domains there with traffic. However, it has improved compared to what it used to be: I leave them some time to see how it develops. Anyway, it is a useful solution too.

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