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Zaarly Getting Buzz at SXSW, Hopefully It Will Get Zarly or Change Its Brand Name


ZaarlyI read an article on TechCrunch about a neat new start up that is getting considerable buzz at South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin. Zaarly is operational only in Austin at the moment, and it lets people posts what they want/need along with a price, and others can agree to provide it for them at that price. For instance, I can post that I want a coffee from Starbucks and I am willing to pay someone $10 for it.

I can see this becoming a popular service if they're able to work out potentially seedy issues that I could foresee coming up (ie prostitution, drugs...etc).

Seeing that the domain name was just registered back in  February, I would bet the company name was fairly hastily chosen. It's a unique name, and sounds like a cool new brand, but the problem the company will encounter is that as people spread the word, they will be helping to build traffic to, a domain name not owned by the company (registered in 2005).

While it doesn't appear that is being used, the company needs to take some of → Read More