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Tracy Fogarty Launches Domain Brokerage and Consulting Firm


Beginning in 2013, Tracy Fogarty was a domain name broker with Domain Holdings, representing the owners of valuable domain names. This morning, Tracy updated her LinkedIn profile  to announce the launch of, a domain name consulting firm and domain brokerage she founded on her own.

According to its website, will help clients on both sides of deals. The company will offer domain name sales brokerage services, and it will also work with clients to acquire domain names on their behalf. Tracy will also use her experience to provide domain name consulting services to her clients.

While looking through the new website, I saw that Tracy published a blog post announcing the launch of her business this morning. In the blog post, Tracy shared that this will be the first time she is in business for herself: (more…) → Read More

Button Should Buy


This morning, Jason Del Rey published an article on re/code about a company called Button that has raised a significant amount of investment money. According to Del Rey, "One startup trying to ride that wave is Button, a New York City-based company which is today announcing a $12 million Series A investment less than a year after its launch."

I presume it was unintentional, but the re/code article did not include an outbound link to the Button website. I searched Google, and the first result was W3Schools' HTML button tag page. The second result was the Wikipedia page for "button," but it has no relationship to the startup. Following these two entries are some images, and the startup called Button is listed below that (they use

While reading the article, I recalled hearing about the domain name. If you visit, you can see the Domain Holdings inquiry page. A quick check of my email history shows that it is being brokered by Tracy Fogarty of Domain Holdings. In my opinion, the startup should → Read More