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The Future is About Leverage


Time and time again I see where we as individuals are losing leverage – and with it the ability to make change.

As we have grown into a more technological world, everything has become much more complicated. Even to understand current politics or local law is like a college degree of its own. I've seen this same pattern with my internet businesses: When I could create domain websites easily years ago, they would get lots of search and direct traffic. Now, the competition has become oversaturated, so I need to pay more people and spend more time to try to stay ahead of the competition. I have to prioritize sites and businesses to put my time and money into, or sell others to which I can't. It would almost be wiser for me to sell all of my names and focus on one business exclusively, but currently I have more leverage in controlling more verticals - like Bullion.com for finance, Daycare.com for moms, Manicure.com for beauty, and Nashville.com for music. There is so much to think about, and it gets very complicated. We all just want → Read More