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BrandIT Marketing SanFrancisco.com and LosAngeles.com





I received an email earlier this week from BrandIT (formerly Igloo.com) announcing that they are brokering two exceptional California geographical domain names: SanFrancisco.com and LosAngeles.com. These two domain names have been owned by Boulevards, a company founded by Dan Pulcrano. Boulevards has owned a large portfolio of exceptional city .com domain names.

Curious about why Dan decided to sell these valuable geographic domain names, I spoke on the phone to get his perspective. Dan told me what many people have learned the hard way: developing a network of websites, especially local websites like the ones Boulevards focuses on, is very difficult and expensive. Dan told me his company is using this as an opportunity to raise funds for his other core websites.

Although Dan did not share the asking price for these domain names, I think it is safe to say that each has a low seven figure price tag. Dan referred to his last publicly announced sale of Denver.com in 2012 as a guideline. As I later reported in → Read More

What is Fund.com Worth Today?


The 2008 sale of Fund.com is one of the largest reported domain name sales of all time. Last week, there was an article that discussed the Fund.com domain name published on Seeking Alpha. The article discussed the history of the domain name and company that owns Fund.com. Interestingly, if you visit Fund.com, you will be forwarded to an offer page via Igloo.com stating "This domain may be available for sale."

This morning, Rick Schwartz posted a question on Twitter asking about the value of Fund.com:

I think Fund.com is an exceptional domain name and also a great brand name. If it were to be sold, I could see it being used as a brand in the (more…) → Read More

Gregg McNair Launches Premium Traffic Limited


ptlMonetizing my domain name traffic has never been a major revenue driver for my companies, but it is a big driver of revenue in the domain business. In fact, according to Dr. Gregg McNair, "In ten years monetization revenues have never been higher and they continue to grow."

I received a press release over the weekend that was timed to coincide with the DomainFest Asia conference being held in Hong Kong. In the release, the launch of Premium Traffic Limited (PTL) was announced. According to the press release, there have been a number of different brands within the McNair Monetization Group, and those brands have all been consolidated into one unit called Premium Traffic Limited. I was told that this move has been in the works for over a year.

Gregg shared a bit of insight into the company. "Being ahead of the competition in technical development and traffic quality are our two primary advantages," he shared via email. In addition to timing the news with DomainFest Asia, the company also made the announcement in advance of → Read More

NamesCon 2016 Sponsor Spotlight on Igloo.com


NamesCon is less than two weeks away and over  1,000 attendees have registered for  the conference! One of the conference sponsors is Igloo.com, and today we have an interview with Igloo.com CEO and Co-Founder Tessa Holcomb.

NamesCon 2016 will be held at the Tropicana in Las Vegas January 10-13. Conference tickets are still available for sale, and hotel rooms are still available as well. We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions for Tessa, please leave them in the comment section.

What is your company's mandate, what sets you apart?

Igloo.com isn't (more…) → Read More

Igloo.com Relaunches, Integrates Aftermarket.com


The Igloo.com website was relaunched last week, and the  domain brokerage integrated the Aftermarket.com platform within its website. In addition to the high end domain brokerage, Igloo.com has replaced what was once Aftermarket.com. It is unclear whether the company intends to shed the Aftermarket.com domain name, but it seems the company is integrating this brand within its own website.

Here's what the company said in an email it sent to newsletter subscribers and clients last week heralding the updates that were recently made:

"As you may recall, Igloo acquired the business of Aftermarket from Thought Convergence last fall. In bringing together an extraordinary offering of domain name aftermarket inventory in combination with dedicated domain advisors, we've been able to create a website that makes assisting buyers and sellers throughout all points of the sales process possible.

We are pleased to announce that very soon visitors to Igloo.com's marketplace will have access to millions of names appealing to every type of → Read More

Turkey.com Travel Website Launched by Igloo.com


Turkey.comUp until yesterday afternoon, I did not realize that Igloo.com developed domain name assets on behalf of its clients. I was under the assumption that the company solely acted in a domain brokerage and consulting capacity. I just learned that Igloo.com launched a travel website on Turkey.com, on behalf of a client whose identity is private.

Visitors to the website can learn about the country, read about various tourist sites in the country, and can basically plan a trip to the country. As of right now, visitors cannot book a vacation or tours, but I would imagine that will change sometime in the future. The website is not currently monetized either, but I expect that will change in due time.

I reached out to Igloo.com to seek additional details not shared in the press release. According to Igloo.com's  Alphan Culha, (more…) → Read More

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