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Bing’s Gain on Google Good for Domainers


Microsoft BingI've been reading many articles about Microsoft's $80-$100 million marketing campaign and about how Bing's search market share continues to grow. If this trend continues even when the marketing campaign ends, this could be very good news for generic .com domain investors.

Based on a small sampling of searches I tested, it seems that Bing gives generic domain names higher rankings than Google or Yahoo. It's the case with my websites,,,, and It's also the case with a number of other generic .com domain names that I checked in both search engines.

Bing's market share is still very low, so the impact is minor. In fact, I highly, highly doubt Bing will overtake Google in the near future. However, if Bing does grow and eats into Google's share, and/or if Microsoft buys Yahoo's search business and the generic domain name rankings of Bing transfers to Yahoo, we could see more companies valuing generic domain names for their SERP value.

Here's a comparison of the rankings of a small → Read More