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Hosting Companies Should Not Be Listed as Domain Owner for Clients


I was looking through some upcoming NameJet dropping domain auctions via FreshDrop, and I noticed something that I found to be appalling. Hosting companies either dropping the ball on renewals or not doing enough to help their current or former customers with their domain name assets.

I generally do a historical Whois search for domain names I might have an interest in bidding on at auction. From this, I can see who previously owned it and try to figure out why they either didn't find the domain name valuable enough to keep or why the domain name may have been allowed to expire.

On four consecutive searches today, I saw that the previous registrant email was a hosting company. What this means to me is that the hosting company didn't pay the renewal bill either because they didn't realize it needed to be renewed, their client no longer works with the company, or, probably the least likely of the bunch, the client no longer wanted the domain name.

Since these were very good domain names I searched, it's unlikely that the → Read More

NameMedia Partners with FreshDrop


NameMedia today announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with to provide premium domains for purchase through FreshDrop's Domain Marketplace.

"This is truly a breakthrough in the domain industry. By combining NameMedia's domain inventory with FreshDrop's innovative search technology we are now able to empower domain investors, web entities, and online marketers with the ability search cross-marketplace with access to millions of additional premium domain names. NameMedia is a market leader in the domain aftermarket and we are proud to have them as a marketplace partner." said Tan Tran, President and CEO of

Visitors to the FreshDrop homepage will have the ability to search for NameMedia's inventory within the BuyDomains tab and the AfternicDLS tab. The BuyDomains tab will include NameMedia's managed premium domains available for sale while the AfternicDLS tab will include listed domains available for sale through NameMedia's Domain Listing Service (DLS) platform found at → Read More