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Elephant Traffic Unveils Interface for Advertisers to Capture Direct Nav Traffic


One of the few new companies I learned about at Traffic New York was Elephant Traffic, and I just saw the press release below announcing the launch of their platform. The company has a large presence at Ad:Tech New York this week, and I think it's good to see domain portfolio holding company reaching out at a mainstream event. The company is officially launching this week, and they're holding a launch party tonight in the City.

Here's the press release:

Elephant Traffic announced today the official U.S. launch of its new web-based interface to drive targeted search traffic to users' domains. The service is designed to help advertisers optimize online spend by offering a steady traffic stream that is 50% more likely to convert and 40% cheaper than that of pay-per-click ads. Elephant Traffic provides real-time reporting and unprecedented transparency.

Elephant Traffic and its partners have a vast portfolio of domains with high traffic that results from direct navigation searches, which entails searching by URL such as → Read More