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George Kirikos Uncovers Sale(s) of


It looks like George Kirikos has uncovered the sale (well, sales) of the domain name. He shared the information he found in a Twitter tweet early this afternoon:

The source of George's information is a SEC filing from Sitestar Corporation, the company that bought and sold The information was shared in a press release announcing the company's Q2 2017 results. Here's an excerpt from the SEC filing:
"Additionally, the subsidiary closed on the sale of, a domain name that has been actively marketed since the first quarter of 2016. The domain name had a cost basis of $200,000 and was sold for net proceeds of $200,000 including broker and commission fees paid."

It seems that this deal will not be published in DNJournal or NameBio because the most recent exact sale price was not shared. → Read More

Button Should Buy


This morning, Jason Del Rey published an article on re/code about a company called Button that has raised a significant amount of investment money. According to Del Rey, "One startup trying to ride that wave is Button, a New York City-based company which is today announcing a $12 million Series A investment less than a year after its launch."

I presume it was unintentional, but the re/code article did not include an outbound link to the Button website. I searched Google, and the first result was W3Schools' HTML button tag page. The second result was the Wikipedia page for "button," but it has no relationship to the startup. Following these two entries are some images, and the startup called Button is listed below that (they use

While reading the article, I recalled hearing about the domain name. If you visit, you can see the Domain Holdings inquiry page. A quick check of my email history shows that it is being brokered by Tracy Fogarty of Domain Holdings. In my opinion, the startup should → Read More

Domain Holdings Brokering


Domain Holdings is currently brokering the domain name, and I assume this opportunity might be of interest to companies in our business. Not only is an excellent short domain name, but it could obviously be used by a domain name company because of the DN abbreviation. The asking price of is $750,000. appears to be owned by Verio. The company's main offering is web hosting services, although they also sell domain names as well. According to, the domain name was previously used by Verio, although it appears that domain name sales were not the primary objective of the former website (granted this is an old screenshot). The domain name currently forwards to a Domain Holdings inquiry page.

In my opinion, could be (more…) → Read More

Domain Holdings Hires Domain Industry Veteran Jim Grace, Formerly of Oversee


Jim Grace was a long time account manager at's Domain Sponsor parking division.  I never worked with Jim, but I know several people who did and have nothing but good things to say about him. I just learned that Jim was hired by Domain Holdings, and the news will be made official in a press release tomorrow morning.

Jim will be working on Domain Holdings'  Domain Power monetization platform. Initial data released by the company looks promising. I would imagine the company has been winning new business, and an experience account manager like Jim can help Domain Holdings ramp that up.

The company has hired a number of industry experts over the last several months, so this hiring isn't surprising. I also wouldn't be surprised to see DH announce other experience new hires in the near future. If you know of someone looking for a career in the domain space, Domain Holdings is still hiring.

Here's the full release: (more…) → Read More

Dueling Listings: Battle of the Domain Brokers


Both Dave Evanson and Ryan Colby are two people I talk to and email frequently, and both of them are Facebook friends of mine. During the past several days, watching their individual Facebook feeds has been amusing.

One minute Dave Evanson is announcing that he is the exclusive broker for, and shortly after, Ryan Colby is announcing that Domain Holdings is the exclusive broker for Dave follows up with and not to be outdone, Ryan posts as the newest exclusive listing.

This back and forth has been going on for the last few days and it's quite amusing to witness, especially with the stellar domain names each has been able to put under contract.

Dave Evanson is a senior domain broker for Sedo and Ryan Colby is a domain broker/VP Product Manager for Domain Holdings. Both guys have closed some pretty large deals in 2011, and if there's one thing I about them I know, both work very hard on behalf of their clients.

If I was forced to choose who I believe is → Read More

John Ferber’s Secret Millionaire Viewing Party


As you may already know, Domain Holdings' John Ferber will be featured in an episode of ABC's popular show, Secret Millionaire. The show will air on March 27, 2011 at 8pm eastern time.

In conjunction with the airing, there will be a viewing party held at Atlantique Cafe in Delray Beach, Florida (777 East Altantic Avenue) from 7-10pm. John will be in attendance, and I am sure a number of other people in the domain business will be there to support him as well.

A donation of $20 is being requested, and the money will go directly towards the charities/organizations featured during the episode. You can pre-purchase your ticket on

It's going to be a fun evening for sure, and it's something I would attend if I was in Florida. → Read More

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