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5 Tips to Get Direct Advertising Deals


In my opinion, people who develop websites that aren't selling products or offering a special service should strive to bring on advertisers directly in lieu of pay per click advertising or Adsense. Forget about ad networks, cut out the middle man, and you will greatly increase your revenues.

The first step is arguably the most difficult - building a website with unique content that ranks well in search engines and has consistent, growing traffic. I believe that once this has been accomplished, getting advertisers to directly place banners or links on your website is where you will make the most revenue. If your site is bringing targeted traffic, there are advertisers who would like the attention of this traffic.

Here are 5 tips to getting direct advertising deals:

1) Do a Google search for 10-15 keyword phrases related to your website and identify the companies that are paying for advertising on the top and side of Google. Don't just use the most obvious searches. Search for complimentary services as well, since those → Read More