Buy Domains: With No Money Down


One of the best things about buying domain names from NameMedia’s Buy Domains is that I can use my American Express card to make the purchase instead of having to pay with a wire transfer or ACH. Even better is that they don’t charge anything extra for using my AmEx. This is great for two reasons.

I get American Express Rewards points for my purchases. These points can be used for gift cards, hotel nights, upgrades, and many other great products and services. Since most of the acquisitions aren’t cheap, the points can add up quickly.

The biggest reason though, is that I can buy domain names that I plan to re-sell with what amounts to no money down, and I can re-sell them before I even pay off my credit card at the end of the month. Its like a no interest loan, which can’t be beat. Of course, this depends on where in my billing cycle I buy the names and whether or not I am able to make a quick flip, but generally speaking, it can give me at least a couple of weeks before having to actually physically pay.

Buy Domains is a company that I’ve been doing business with for a few years, and I am happy to work with them. Using my American Express card is one of the reasons for it.

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  1. Elliot, Did you see this article in MediaPost about the worth of domains for media campaigns? Your take may be a good blog entry. MJ

  2. Elliot,
    The other point you have to take into consideration is that the AMEX fee is built into the selling price.

    If anything, NameMedia should give you an ADDITIONAL discount when you pay by wire.

    1. The cost of receiving the wired funds is $ 10. or less.
    2. They have immediate access to the funds.
    3. Generally, the wired funds can not be reversed.

    I find the reward points are not worth as much as having the actual cash in my pocket. You are paying for those points.

    Cash is still king.

  3. @ ActNow

    Although I agree with you generally speaking, I negotiate the best price before they know how I plan to pay. I could possibly come back and ask them to lower the price by 3% if I pay by wire, but I haven’t tried that approach.

    BuyDomains is unlike many other companies that charge an additional % or fee to use credit cards.

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