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Two Character .Biz Domain Auctions


You may have noticed the new banner on my blog advertising the upcoming two character .Biz domain name auctions. In total, there will be over 1,000 two letter and number .biz combination domain names auctioned over the next several weeks, including domain names such as PC.biz, We.biz, Yo.biz, He.biz, and many more. This is one of the first times companies and domain investors have the opportunity to bid on these two character domain names.

Recently, it was announced that O.biz would be developed by Overstock.com, and their newly launched website sells mostly restaurant, office, and hotel products, with a focus on small businesses and consumers looking to buy in bulk at greater discounts than are found on the Overstock.com website.

In addition, many single character .Biz domain names were auctioned with some strong results as reported by Andrew at Domain Name Wire:

1.biz $32,003
2.biz $5,801
4.biz $7,601
5.biz $6,100
6.biz $8,100
7.biz $7,877
8.biz $8,200
9.biz $7,901
a.biz $10,099
b.biz $10,005
c.biz → Read More

i.Biz, TX.biz & NY.biz Among 1 & 2 Letter .Biz Names to be Auctioned


A little over a month ago, it was reported that Overstock.com would launch a new website on O.biz, one of the first (maybe the first) websites to operate on a one or two letter .biz domain name. This morning, I received word that Moniker will auction off a number of one and two letter .biz domain names at the upcoming TRAFFIC auction in New York on October 28, 2009.

The .biz domain names that will be in Moniker's live auction are:

-      i.biz
-      ny.biz
-      ez.biz
-      ok.biz
-      hd.biz

Moniker will also have several names in the extended online auction including:

-      tx.biz
-      hi.biz
-      ha.biz
-      ur.biz
-      lo.biz
-      kc.biz

Other one and two character .biz domain names were recently auctioned, with e.biz achieving the highest sales price, selling for $66,001. Most of the other single character .biz domain names sold primarily in the $5-10,000 range with some higher outliers.

I won't predict how these auctions will play out, but I → Read More