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Bahamas.CO is Launched


As I had hoped, version 1.0 of Bahamas.CO has launched, with a few days to spare. The website was built on Wordpress, and I opted to use a heavily modified template due to time constraints (I needed to have the site launched by August 20th) as part of the .CO Registry's Founders Program.

The template modification was completed by my web designer Mike McAlister of Six One Five Design, who has done the majority of my design work for the last three years. Usually he builds my sites from scratch, but he knew I was under the proverbial gun on this project, and he jumped in to make the necessary template modifications. For those that are curious, I used the Los Angeles template available on (affiliate link) for $32 out of the box.

I also previously mentioned that the logo was designed as part of a contest on, and ironically the winner of the contest was Theo Develegas of Acroplex. Not only was it my favorite logo, it was also voted as the favorite by you guys, which is always a good thing to see.

I → Read More

Logo Selected & Template Chosen


With the deadline for launching Bahamas.CO looming, I have selected the winning entry in a logo competition held on 99 Designs. Not only was the chosen logo my favorite of all submission, but it was also the leading vote getter in the poll I set up with the final designs. I feel like the colors, font, and graphic design elements are perfect for the website.

Although I wasn't aware of it before determining the winner, the logo designer is a person that the domain investment community knows quite well - Theo Delevegas. Theo and I have not always seen eye to eye on certain things in the past, but I do respect his opinions. I also believe he is a talented designer, and this marks the second logo he has designed for me ( is the first).

I also selected the template I plan to use as a base for the new website. It's going to be modified to meet my needs, but I found something I like on It will be a Wordpress-based website to make it easier for me to update it, add plugins, and make changes as the site → Read More

Steps to Building Out


Just a quick   evening post to let you know where I am at with the development of and the steps I've taken so far. I want to show you how development doesn't have to be time consuming.

1) Posted a coming soon page on and submitted it to Google Webmaster Tools. It's nothing fancy, but I figured that I might as well put up a placeholder for now. As you can see, it's already been indexed in Google.

2) Held a logo design contest on 99Designs.   I invited some designers I thought did quality work, and others participated as well. Hey - why don't you take a minute and vote for your favorite logo?

3) Found a few templates I like on, which will be modified and customized to my liking. I don't have much time to get the site live, so the custom option is going to have to wait. I plan to have a travel search function eventually, but for now a template is going to have to suffice.

4) Did some research to see what people are looking to find when looking for information about the Bahamas and → Read More