Logo Selected & Template Chosen


With the deadline for launching Bahamas.CO looming, I have selected the winning entry in a logo competition held on 99 Designs. Not only was the chosen logo my favorite of all submission, but it was also the leading vote getter in the poll I set up with the final designs. I feel like the colors, font, and graphic design elements are perfect for the website.

Although I wasn’t aware of it before determining the winner, the logo designer is a person that the domain investment community knows quite well – Theo Delevegas. Theo and I have not always seen eye to eye on certain things in the past, but I do respect his opinions. I also believe he is a talented designer, and this marks the second logo he has designed for me (ActingCoach.com is the first).

I also selected the template I plan to use as a base for the new website. It’s going to be modified to meet my needs, but I found something I like on ThemeForest.net. It will be a WordPress-based website to make it easier for me to update it, add plugins, and make changes as the site grows (both in content and traffic). Hopefully my designer will be able to make these changes for me, but if not, I will post an RFP on eLance.com.

At first, there will be somewhere around 50 articles, and I plan to continue to add content to the site. Down the road when Google has the site indexed and traffic is at a solid level, I plan to integrate a booking widget using WCTravel or IAN.com. This will help maximize revenue and will create a relationship with visitors, helping to build the Bahamas.CO brand. By no means will this be a mini site.

Anyway, things are progressing quite well, and if all goes as planned, I should be able to launch the site very soon. One of the best parts of this project will be another Bahamas trip.


  1. Elliot, it was definitely fun working on both logos. I appreciate the kind words and the fact that you asked my opinion about the contest brief; it’s very rare that clients know *and* can describe what they want from a design. The 99designs was an interesting experiment as I don’t ascribe to the concept of crowdsourcing – it was a chance for me to try it out anonymously. I’m glad it worked out well 🙂

  2. Sharp looking logo – best of luck with the site. Maybe you should include an article on best Bahamas Mama and Planter’s Punch drinks and best beach bars. After extensive personal research of course…

  3. @ Priv

    Will be using WordPress.

    @ DomainTweeter

    Sounds like a good idea… actually… a great idea and something I will do, along with articles about tours, fishing…etc.

    @ BFitz

    Not sure… really depends on the topic.

  4. Beautiful website and logo. You’ve convinced me to use 99designs.com for my own endeavors. Can’t beat the value you get there…

    We both have travel related sites, maybe we can help each other out somehow eventually.

    All the best,


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