Up for Auction on NameJet


One of the most valuable domain names to hit the auction block on NameJet is coming up for sale. is listed as the top NameJet “Hot Pick,” and it currently has a bid of $20,000 with 115 bidders already participating. There is a reserve price on the auction, although the reserve is not known.

I asked NameJet GM Jonathan Tenenbaum about the auction, and he commented, “We are always working to bring high-quality inventory on to our platform and this is a prime example of that. SX.COM is an incredible 2-character domain with a very reasonable reserve, and this represents a great opportunity. We are hoping to bring even more of these kinds of domains to the market in the coming months and we are very excited for our customers.” is privately registered, so I am not sure who owns this domain name right now. I searched NameBio, and I don’t see any public sales records for Interestingly, I see that is currently listed for sale on Afternic with a buy it now price of $4,995,000.

I don’t recall the last 2 letter .com domain name to come up for auction on NameJet, although someone told me that it was in 2013. sold for $120,000, according to NameBio. I think the value of two letter .com domain names has gone up considerably since then.

There are three and a half days remaining to backorder this domain name to participate in the auction. Depending on the reserve price, I would not be surprised to see this becoming the largest sale in NameJet’s history.


  1. listed just a week ago on Afternic and now NameJet claims its exclusive listing? While the asking price on Afternic is $4,995,000, way above the average of recent valuations, now (week after such listing) very reasonable reserve is claimed to be on NameJet. Is this just a marketing game of to attract potential buyers?

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