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The live auction platform, operated by Thought Convergence, has been completely revamped and will debut at the Domain Roundtable conference on March 3, 2011  in the Bahamas.

Domain owners that are interested in selling domain names during the live auction can submit their domains on the website now thru January 21, 2011. The final auction list is expected to be published mid-February.

I would imagine and Domain Roundtable organizers will select only the best domain names at reasonable (sellable) prices, so keep that in mind when you are submitting names.

Please email questions or inquiries to


  1. I’m going to register and submit it for possible inclusion in this auction. Reserve? $60,000 or possibly higher. It’s a premium domain that no one has ever thought of registering yet.

    I’ll get an appraisal done, too. Since this domain contains premium keywords (“sold”, “domain”, “auction”) it should easily be appraised at $xxx,xxx or so.

    However, I’m happy to accept offers for this domain in the $xxx range before I register it and submit it to auction, so get your offers in soon!

    On a more serious note, it’ll be interesting to see how the auction platform revamp looks in March. Good luck to all who submit domains!

  2. I’ve signed up and might well sell a few names, the interface looks good, but functionally, I cannnot get most of domains listed dues to the whois validation.

  3. Added a few names yesterday and still haven’t heard back from them.

    I was hoping to hear back from them sooner since I redirected the names to their site and all of my traffic (no matter how small it is) is being directed to their site.

    If I don’t hear from them by tonight, I’ll go ahead and redirect the domains back to my mini sites.

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