#StartAnArgumentIn4Words: Domain Name Edition


The hashtag #StartAnArgumentIn4Words has been trending on Twitter. GoDaddy’s Joe Styler posted a domain name related tweet with the hashtag:

Here are a few ways I think you could start an argument with a domain investor in 4 words:

  • Your domain name sucks
  • .Com domains are dead
  • New gTLDs are worthless
  • ICANN protects domain registrants
  • Brokers add no value

I thought it would be humorous to play along and invite you to share how you would start an argument in 4 words related to domain names or the domain name industry. The only thing I request is that you don’t take personal shots at anyone.


  1. 1:my names are premium

    2: your names are sh*t

    force in the domain industry balanced….!!

    wow this is applicable at so many levels…everyones opinion about their and others names… 🙂

  2. I find .biz exciting
    Domains are not relevant
    Domains dont help SEO
    No one does type-ins
    You’re a greedy squatter
    Domainers add no value
    Domains are irrelevant today
    Shoot for the moon

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