Have a Few Spare Minutes Today?


It’s Friday, and I bet you have a few spare minutes today before the weekend. Assuming that is the case, I urge you to do two things to help support members of the domain investment community.

1) The 2014  Domain Name Wire annual survey is now live, and Andrew Allemann is inviting people to participate. This is going to take you a few minutes to complete, but the information Andrew compiles is always interesting to read. There will be random prize drawings awarded to some participants.

2) Nominations are currently being accepted for the 2014 Domainers Choice Awards. Donna Mahony reinitiated the awards this year, and she has been working on the website with Charlotte (Charlie) Gilbert for the past several weeks. Nominations will be accepted until March 22, and then voting will take place shortly thereafter. The winners will be awarded during a ceremony later on this year.

If you have time to do both of these things, that would be great. Don’t cheat though!  There was some sort of  cheating  scandal with the DNW survey last year, so please follow the rules and only fill out one survey. In addition, Donna reportedly found an instance of cheating in the award nominations. It would be silly to get caught cheating on fun things like these.

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  1. “Don’t cheat though! There was some sort of cheating scandal with the DNW survey last year”

    The cheaters last year and the year before were NOT average domainers because they have nothing to gain by it, so you need not worry about us Elliot, The culprits were clearly those NAMED in the survery, not all of them, just the ones who were so insecure with themselves they couldn’t handle placing anywhere but first place.

    The ones who promoted the survey and boasted about winning afterwards claiming to be #1 are the cheaters IMO.

    But this time is different on the DNW survey, NO company names to vote on this year.

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