Some Sunday Thoughts and Updates


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers who read this blog. To everyone else, I hope you have been able to spend Mother’s Day with your mom. We’re having a BBQ this evening to honor our Mom and my wife.

Here are some thoughts and updates for you. As always, I invite you to share some of your own thoughts and updates in the comment section.

People frequently ask if domain names listed for sale in the weekly broker listings ever sell. In short, the answer is yes. Here is one example of a sale that was reported last week. I don’t track sales or get involved, so I am sure there have been others. The key is to list a good domain name for sale at a fair price to the domain investor audience. Garbage names at whatever prices don’t sell. Decent names at ridiculous/silly prices don’t sell. Decent and better names at fair prices may sell.

There has been a ton of press about political domain names lately. Even though most articles seem to decry the practice of registering political-related domain names, I think there are many people who skip right through that and read that Rand Paul apparently paid $100k for I really don’t like how these speculators are associated with our business of domain investing, and all of us are lumped together and looked at as “squatters.”

That being said, is it really that difficult for real journalists to do a bit of research and understand that people who invest in domain names aren’t necessarily “cybersquatters?” It is not appropriate to label domain speculators and/or domain investors as “cybersquatters.” Yes, it sounds more provocative, but it’s inaccurate.

Bill Hartzer wrote an excellent article discussing one problem with Google removing domain names from mobile search. Have a look when you have a free moment.

Still surprised that wasn’t retained by CNN or Si.

Slate published an interesting article about this history of the Domain Name System. It’s well worth a read when you have a few moments.

Here are ten of my upcoming NameJet auctions that I think are solid but don’t have bids yet:


  1. Happy Mother’s Day and we need more Domainer Mothers!

    is that DSAD -DomainS and Accidental Domainer married yet?

    Accidential Domainer sounds like an accidental child.

    They are not real journalists , they are high school kids doing class projects. Anybody can be a “journalist”

    Real journalists are real people who investigate real news!!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there. I got my mother into domaining about a year ago, and she’s doing great. Owns about 30-40 domains that she’s hand registered. (Mostly speculation domains). I helped her buy her first aftermarket domain that she flipped for a decent profit. She’s now hooked!

  3. What do they mean by political related domain names? Are they telling us that Rand Paul the politician is the only one bearing that name? There could be Rand Paul the barber, Rand Paul the engineer, Rand Paul the lawyer, etc. Paying $100K for is a price to pay for claiming the domain name at the expense of others bearing the name.

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