Someone Trolling Ted Cruz


I was visiting random websites last night, when I came across Ok, I kid, but these two tweets popped up on my timeline, and I apprehensively clicked through after reading some of the replies:

In case you are reluctant to click through, someone is forwarding to the Twitter account of US Senator Ted Cruz.

For those curious, is registered under Whois privacy, so the person responsible for this domain name forwarding is not known. It looks like this domain name has been registered under privacy proxy for a while now.

The 2020 Presidential election campaign may have ended, but the creative uses of domain names will continue forever. famously points to President Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page, now points to the White House website, and there are countless other domain names being used to troll or mock politicians or influence elections.


  1. A ridiculous “news”. Waste of time. Someone should buy and point it to the’s owner. Same quality domains. While we’re at it, let me remind you that Joe Biden is a corrupt and fake president who likes to strangely touch and sniff children.

  2. In my opinion, Ted Cruz bravely said no to election irregularities and opposed subsequent questionable things. Not all congressmen have the guts to do that. Therefore, I think the domain redirection does not make sense at all and is but an untenable trolling. While the election campaign may have ended, I believe the whole matter hasn’t. Eventually, the innocent one will be vindicated and the guilty one will be exposed. Time will tell.

    • Well… I’m an east Asian so I sometimes might misunderstand American cultures. I thought “smallest d*ck” is used to call a man a coward, but I just searched on the internet and couldn’t find such a connotation. Anyway, I think Ted Cruz is a man of justice and bravery.

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