Seeking 3 Letter .COM Names

I have a buyer that is interested in acquiring 3 letter com domain names priced at $10,000 or below. If you have domain names that meet his requirements below, please submit them as comments.

Please keep in mind that domain names must meet ALL requirements (ie He won’t care if you have a great 3 letter .net or 3 letter word .org):

  • 3 letters (Hint: a number is not a letter)
  • .COM
  • Price is $10,000 or under (it’s nice for you if yours are priced higher, but he doesn’t really care)
Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. @Elliot


    That is another story, in most case a Broker hustling the
    owner for a quick turnaround.
    (some commision in volume is better then none, (ha)

    Any 3 letter .Com that can be pronounced
    is like a BRICK of GOLD …

    You are not trying to retire on us early,
    with this get rich OVERNIGHT scheme are you,elliot? 🙂

  2. @ Landon

    There are plenty of 3 letter .com names under $10,000 listed on forums, and those have nothing to do with brokers.

    I am not a domain broker (neither on the buy or sell side). If any readers want to sell 3 letter .com names for $10,000 or less, there’s someone who might be interested.

    PS: I don’t think anyone would get rich/retire on the commission for names sold under $10k anyway 🙂

  3. “….he doesn’t really care”

    Who is “he”? Why the secrecy? This is the part of the domain business that I absolutely hate – the secrecy, the behind the curtains stuff.

    Who is the buyer?

    I agree with Landon, if you think you’re 3-letter names are worth more than 10K then do not ever back down on that. Or any of your domains for that matter. 3-letter or 12-character dot net.

  4. “Who is the buyer”

    @ Mike

    Who cares? Someone that is wiling to pay.

    I agree that if someone doesn’t want to submit a name to sell for less than $10,000, they shouldn’t submit them.

  5. Sheesh – here is a chance to make an easy sale if you have the right domain and have a need (or desire) to sell. I suspect some people want to know who they are selling to so they can jack up the price to some unrealistic number if they perceive the buyer has deep pockets.

    Learn your trade. Set a price. Make a sale.

  6. @Elliot,

    What’s the buyer’s criteria for 3 letter .net and .org? Are they looking for certain letters because maybe they already have buyers in mind? Thanks.

  7. @Robert,

    Elliot mentioned .com, .net, and .org. You’re definitely persistent with pushing your .co. In my opinion, sold because a specific company probably wanted their name.

    I would rather own a quality 3 character .org over a 3 character .co. I put a list of (5) 3 character .co I found without putting much effort into it. There are no 3 character .org available for registration unless they’re sitting in an auction.

  8. @Joe: Its the secrecy that kills me. “he” this… “he” wants… “he” wont… Ugh.

    Right there tells me that the BUYER is being just as devious as you make out the seller to be in your post.

  9. 3 LLL.CO s are worth more than .com s in my opinion.

    As we have all seen from the recent sale of BMR.CO selling for $15,000

    7/8 of all 3 LLL.CO s have been taken, many well developed out. It took 10 years for all 3 letter .com s to be taken; compare that to just 6 months.

  10. @Robert,

    Lay off the booze. Your opinion is inconsistent with the market. In my opinion, you’re trying too hard to push an extension that (imo) is not as great as you think. You have a lot invested in .co.

    I noticed you are on every .co board. In my opinion, 3 character .co is nowhere near the value of 3 character .com. I found (5) 3 character .co two days ago. I didn’t buy them because I don’t want them.

    I had a 3 character .co that got rejected from Seod’s auction, as well as a quality resume domain that is far better than the medical service domain they accepted. If I owned the resume domain in .com, I could set the market price. I would have a buyer tomorrow. Unfortunately, I can’t sell the .co because it is not quality enough, or quality requirements are not met.

    In my opinion, .co is unappealing and a waste of money.

  11. @Robert

    How do you explain the $500K sale of It was purchased at a bargain to be flipped again. You keep talking about sale or sales. .com has been enjoying big sales for the past three decades.

    Your statement that 3 character .co domains are worth more than 3 character .com just goes to show you have poor insight. In my opinion, your assessment lacks credibility. Where do you want to pick up your medal? You’re definitely the cheesiest advocate for pushing .co domains.

  12. @Robert

    Do you ever think that maybe you want .co to be successful because you have a ton invested in the extension? If you were selling me a car, I would leave the dealship.

    In my opinion, your .co comments are boring and have no substance. No way 3 digit .co worth more than .com. I don’t care what companies pay. Can’t compare valuable antiques and painting to modern stuff (IMO).

  13. @Robert,

    I”m not suggesting you lack the skills to make money. I’m sure you sell many domains. However, whenever I see your name on any blog, you seem to be one-dimensional on discussing only .co domains.

    I admit that I once wanted to share my sales. However, I made a significant sale last week. I would rather remain reserved about my sales unless the buyer wants to me share the name. I give out advice that comes from my personal experiences.

    Your posts are the type that convince people to purchase many domains that are useless for short-term flips. If .co cost $5, I still would have purchased .com. I look for the quick flip. Company want the .com right now. They can wait until later to get results.

    When the time and my finances are in order, I will find a one word .com. Thanks for investing the time to compile the .co list. It doesn’t change my mind to buy more .co, especially when Sedo rejected my resume .co domain today. They also rejected a 3 character .co, as well.

    I depend on making my own luck, and not banking on an extension to find me a sale. In my opinion, there is too much emphasis placed on the .co. I have no regret not buying more .co. I invested i 5 niches total, and 4 niches have produced sales. Good luck on the .co.

  14. @ Jason said: “You keep talking about sale or sales. .com has been enjoying big sales for the past three decades.”

    LOL – who’s on the booze? That’s funny! 2011 that puts us at 1981. Did they even have CSNET? According to what I read, it was well under way. The domain name system didn’t come until the mid 90’s from what I just studied on Wikipedia!

  15. @Louise,

    We are in a new decade. I’m sure you think that we have to wait until 2019 to consider this a decade. .com has made big 3 character sales in 10-11, including this past year.

  16. BTW, I don’t drink booze. I would assume when people see IMO, they would know it means “in my opinion” just like 3 decades will account for this current decade. In any case, glad you thought my statement was funny. It’s therapeutic to laugh. Have a great evening. 🙂

  17. Hi,

    Please note that is up for auction:

    Good luck,
    Eric Talaska registrant

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