Trump Tavern on the Green?


Tavern on the Green in Central Park

It seems that Donald Trump and the Trump Organization have their eyes set on re-developing and re-opening the famous Tavern on the Green restaurant in Central Park, which closed back on new years day 2010.

The company appears to have gone so far as to secure the domain name, in the event the city awards him the right to re-build the shuttered restaurant. The domain name was registered in February of 2009, and it’s registered at Go Daddy to the Trump Organization.

A New York Post article this morning reports that Trump has apparently reached a deal with a labor union that represents former employees, and that is a key component to anyone opening the restaurant.

Although Mr. Trump mentioned that he doesn’t intend to add “Trump” to the name of the restaurant, the domain name that was secured by his company appears to indicate otherwise (or at least it’s a defensive registration).

It is a bit surprising that the domain name was originally registered by the company back in 2009 though, since development rights had been awarded to Dean Poll, operator of another well-known Central Park restaurant, The Boathouse.

Incidentally, the Trump Organization also appears to own the domain name,, although I can’t imagine the restaurant being know as “Trump on the Green.”


  1. “The Trump Organization,” which listed its address on Fifth Avenue, bought the rights to the name all the way back on Feb. 3, 2009 — 11 months before the Tavern shuttered its doors.

    Interesting that he registered the domain almost a year before it even closed…hmmm

    When you have that much pull you tend to get what you want sooner or later.

    He does’nt own this one yet… 😉

  2. Negotiating the termination or non-renewal of a lease like this regularly takes 2 years. Once there is a hint the current operator is leaving, the power players in the market are contacted with a first shot at getting the restaurant. Trump could have explored the opportunity, even negotiated a bit, and not closed the deal.

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