Sedo to Hold Exclusive .ME Auction


Sedo will be holding another .ME auction from February 2, 2012 through February 9, 2012. Like the last auction, this auction will include a wide selection of .ME Registry-owned domain names at a variety of price points.

There are a ton of solid keyword domain names included, although I don’t know how helpful the .ME extension will be for many of them. As you’ve probably read, Meet.ME sold for $450,000, but that keyword makes sense for a .ME domain name. While many of the keywords in this auction are exceptional, there are few that really stand out as “ME call to action” domain names.

Some of the names that will be auctioned (that I think are solid) include:

  • Forex.ME
  • Attorney.ME
  • College.ME
  • Friends.ME
  • Lawyer.ME
  • Pet.ME
  • Tickets.ME
  • Tours.ME
  • 999.ME

The entire list of domain names up for auction  can be found at


  1. Just curious as to the reasoning behind your picks. I know they’re all killer generics and numericals, but…

    I’ve read (maybe not here, but elsewhere) that .ME names are great when using a present-tense verb (i.e. meet, date) or an everyday word that is basically a verb (google, tivo) Goole and TiVo are examples due to TM, but I hope you know what I mean.

    So other than being a rare numerical, what kind of value does have for example. Or even (I see value in because of facebook, but the plural I don’t see)

    Thanks as always for your time Elliot

  2. .Me doesn’t get as much publicity as .co for example. But this extension has attracted some major players like visa for example and along with the recent sale I think the extension is going to continue to do very well.

    I managed to pickup a few single words that I own. is one of ’em.

  3. Me seems to be several things –
    1 Verb call-to-action such as
    2 Noun where .me implies “mine” or “for me” such as
    3 Hacks like
    In reality it seems a lot of .me domains actually are developed and used – it would be really interesting to see info on the percentage that end up in use, not just being parked somewhere. The number of registrations is growing steadily.

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