Importance of an Account Manager at a Domain Registrar

A little over a week ago, I expressed my dismay that Bari Meyerson no longer works as my Account Executive at Moniker. Today, I want to share some reasons why having an Account Executive or Account Representative at a domain registrar is important to me.

Obviously we all put a lot of trust into our domain registrar. Our assets are digital, and there is always a concern they could be stolen and pushed to another account or transferred out all together. Should something like that happen, the process to recover domain names is a bit opaque, and having someone to help with that process is assuring. Knowing I have someone to email who would advocate for me and help me is important and reassuring.

In addition to this worse case scenario, there are every day issues that come up. There have been a number of times where transfers were denied for various reasons, and it’s always helpful to have someone tell me exactly what the problem was. Further, instead of having to submit a ticket to resolve the issue and then submit a ticket to get a refund and re-try the transaction, it has been helpful to have someone willing to make this easier and expedite it.

When I receive renewal notices via email, I am often away from my desk. It’s great to be able to forward the email to my account representative and ask him or her to take care of the renewal for me. It’s one less thing for me to worry about, and it also means that I won’t end up transferring the domain name elsewhere.

Oftentimes, domain registrars are larger companies with various products and services (hosting, web design, marketing…etc). When a problem arises, it’s nice to know you have an ally within the company that will speak with the people who can get things done when they aren’t able to do it themselves. My account representatives know what steps need to be taken to resolve an issue or head off potential trouble, and they are proactive on my behalf.

In various domain related surveys I’ve taken over the years, I’ve been asked to state the importance of having an account representative and/or good customer service compared to other needs like pricing, security, back-end user interface, additional products and service offerings, and other features/aspects. I am pretty sure that customer service was the first or second choice for me – always.

With a dedicated account representative, it’s likely I will do more business with the domain registrar. I am inclined to work with people I like and trust, and if I have an established relationship with an account person, it’s more likely I will register and renew domain names at that registrar.

I understand that it wouldn’t be economically feasible for companies to assign Account Executives to each client, but I can tell you that it does impact my decision when it comes to registering and transferring domain names.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Elliot, you are so right! My account manager at Go Daddy is Brad Larson and I think hes the best hands down (Bari was also my Moniker rep, but I always felt Brad was better). He has helped me with so many issues and expediting so many small items that I almost feel like I should be paying him – and that’s the best part… he gives me better discounts than a regular customer would receive. Say what you will about Go Daddy’s interface, stupid advertising, yadda yadda.. the Executive Accounts department there is by far and away the best of any domain registrar.

  2. The problem with today’s business is what you described shouldn’t be special, it should be the norm. Having a live person that can help you solve your problems and answer your questions. Being able to get help quickly and getting it simply by dialing a number. IMO Godaddy does the best job at getting close to what customer service should be like. My Godaddy rep Brett has done his job very well. I don’t have very many problems but he has handled them very professionally. But I EXPECT that. To me it is not as important as it is required from all people that I spend money with. I expect it because I am willing to pay more for it. I am fortunate that I actually pay less for it at Godaddy. The problem arises when people expect Wal-Mart prices and high end service. This can not exist financially long term. I could go on forever. Long and short, you should be thankful for your rep but only because they do a good job, not because you have one. In my opinion of course.

  3. @ Shane

    Agree. Also, for people without reps at Godaddy, the company has great 24/7 US-based customer service. I can’t recall ever being dissatisfied with an issue at GD, aside from the 60 day transfer prohibition on recent account changes (NOT new registrations).

  4. My acct. Rep at GoDaddy is outstanding. His name is Russ Daily and so far there has not been one issue or problem he has not been able to solve. Since working with him for the last few years, it makes my life as a part time domain name junkie much easier. I know you read this blog Russ so thanks for everything.

  5. This is sedo live chat, wait time

    You are currently number 1 in the queue. You should be connected to an agent in about 17:18. The average amount of time a customer has to wait is 17:28.

  6. I just found out today that my Moniker rep, Don Lyons, is also now gone. I really liked Don. Me and the new rep are off to a good start at least. I think oversee dumped the whole company and I have a theory that they have outsourced the whole moniker operation.

  7. It’s funny your should write about this…I just tried to transfer one of my .TV domains from Enom to Go Daddy…Enom gave me four different answers (yes, no, yes, no) and in the end I couldn’t transfer it because the name is characterized as a “premium” name (by Verisign)…What really gets me is the re-newal is $49.99 when all the other registrar’s are $29.99…Also, I found the folks at Enom to be rude…No wonder why their stock is where it is…

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