Ryan Colby Starts Outcome Brokerage


Outcome BrokerageIn October of 2011, Domain Holdings hired Ryan Colby as its SVP of Product Management. Prior to that, he had worked as a domain broker at Sedo, closing seven figures worth of deals on behalf of clients.

This morning, I learned that Ryan is no longer with Β Domain Holdings, and he has started his own domain brokerage, Outcome Brokerage. According to Ryan, “we specialize in premium domain acquisitions and divestment solutions, with a focus on end user marketing into the “c” suite.” He is currently seeking a 4 – 5 letter .com branding domain name for a client with a $100,000 budget (email ryan@outcomebrokerage.com for more information or to offer submissions).

I reached out to learn more about his departure from Domain Holdings, but Ryan would not offer any details about his separation from the company. Ryan would only say “I’m grateful for all the opportunities the domain industry has afforded me up to this point in my career.”

You can connect with Ryan via Twitter, his blog, Β or via his new website.


  1. I use the word “tweet” like people order coke when the want cola or kleenex when they want a tissue- that’s the branding value of being first- BTW, I believe he checked in at Four Square to the same restaurant at the same time as a “local partner”

    • Extremely doubtful ways of trying to get listings. Typically they’ll send an email saying they have a client interested in a domain, when I’ve had those never has an actual offer ever been made. What I think goes on is they “cold email” domain owners pretending to have someone specifically interested in buying, they then contact buyers saying they have someone looking to sell.

      Once I decided to push them to see if there really was anyone interested, I asked them what the buyer was willing to pay, they told me a rough figure (a figure that was on the low side), I asked for an exact offer, they replied with something vague, I suggested to them “Is there anyone actually wanting to buy this this name or are you just hoping to broker it?”

      They then said they are still trying to work on the buyer. I asked them for a firm offer & was told “The buyer has passed on [the domain] but has asked for additional assets that might currently be for sale”. I’d call that BS.

      Lastly I’d class the way they send out email to people who have not subscribed to anything from them as spam.

  2. I agree with Snoopy.

    Not really much more to say…I guess when you been around long enough you just know these things.

  3. A quick address on some of these comments here:
    1) We wish Ryan the best in his future endeavors
    2) Chad and my’s placement on the about us page has always been the same
    3) Owen I’d appreciate it if you stop the rumor mongering
    4) Snoopy/WQ, i’m sorry you have a negative opinion of our company, it’s hard to address you when you post anonymously.. I can assure everyone that we take our business very seriously and engage in only the most ethical of practices. We work extremely hard on behalf of all of our customer, and we ONLY GET PAID when we succesfully facilitate a transaction.. We’ve worked incredibly hard over the past few years to build the #1 OUTBOUND domain brokerage in the industry. I am happy to provide direct references of our extremely satisfied customers, not hidden behind anonymous usernames….

    Sincerely, John Ferber
    Chairman, Domain Holdings Group

  4. John-if you dont know snoopy, then your pretty much out of touch in domain industry and his massive portfolio. A true hitter on generics.

  5. Them not knowing who’s who in the industry is one of their problems. They should all have a sit down with Monte and get schooled.

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