Registrars Promoting .Net Sale


It looks like there is a big sale going on for new .Net domain names. For the past few days, I have noticed quite a few tweets, emails, banner advertisements, and other promotions from registrars offering deep discounts on .Net domain names. I would imagine Verisign is behind this marketing push of .net domain names, although I don’t know for certain. I don’t think any of the special promos are offering discounts on .net domain name renewals.

I am strictly a .com domain name buyer, so I have not bought any .net domain names at the lower price and do not have plans to do so. If you have an interest in .net domain names, it seems like now would be the time to register them since it looks like the special promotions end soon.

Here are just a handful of the domain registrars that have tweeted about .net promotions in the last few days, and I suspect there are discount codes at other domain registrars and even hosting companies:

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  1. Every business should at least own the matching .net to go along with their .com domain name. IMO

    FYI Elliot, is in redemption period, in case you did not know already.

  2. Research .net sales from past history to present, end users are bypassing to .com, gtlds have also hurt them, and with actual price increases in .net sans promo… investors are actually dropping them in droves.

    Sure if your a Fortune 1000 own your .net, but for the most part the speculative stuff have become binary paper weights.

    Verisign is pulling a negari, and hoping for a auto renewal which is now more than .com

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