Re-Contacting Domain Owners


Now might be a great time to re-contact domain owners if they were previously reluctant to sell a domain name. With the credit crunch, rising unemployment rate, depressed real estate values, and the dropping Dow (aside from the past few days), people may wish to cash in their virtual domain assets. This might make it easier for you to convince someone to sell a domain name they have been holding out on selling.
While most domain investors archive their mail messages, allowing them to contact buyers who made offers in the past, many passive domain owners may not. Recontacting these people may be the only way to get back in touch. As long as a respectful email is sent, I don’t think you will have any problems in terms of annoying someone or having them think you are spamming them. In fact, some might welcome the fact that you are checking in with them. I have found that being persistent (but not in an annoying way) works wonders. I prefer saying something to the effect of:
We haven’t spoken in a while, and I am still interested in buying Would you consider selling it at this point? If not now, please let me know if you change your mind in the future.   I am willing to buy it for $x,xxx.
While I don’t like to capitalize on someone else’s loss, your offer may come at a good time for them, and they may have decided to sell their domain name.

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  1. Good idea Elliot! This works for me often and I suggest it as well. The only part I do not agree on is the very last part… Keep in mind, It’s nothing personal, it’s just business. 😉

  2. Great post.
    I have 500+ of them for sale – check them out and make me a reasonable offer – and I will sell you the chosen domain name.

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