Sold for $100k via Buckley Media Group


According to a tweet from domain broker Kate Buckley of Buckley Media Group, her company brokered the sale of for $100,000:

I reached out to Kate to ask her about the sale of, and she told me the domain name was acquired by a company called Clearlink. The seller of the domain name is Nett Corp, Inc., the company operated by long time domain investor Roy Messer.

Once the sale is confirmed and archived in DNJournal, it will rank just outside of the top 20 public domain name sales of 2018 (year to date), tied with the $100,000 sale of It is the second largest publicly reported domain name sale of the year for Kate’s company. Last month, Buckley Media Group brokered the sale of for $335,000. That domain sale is in the top 10 sales of 2018.

Kate let me know the “negotiations began well over a year ago with an opening offer of 5 figures USD.” Kate also told me that knowing the value of a domain name like this is what helped her client achieve the six figure sale price. is still resolving to a PPC landing page, so the buyer’s plans for the domain name are unclear. I looked at Clearlink’s website, and it says the company has “been a powerful growth engine for the world’s leading brands.” It is possible that Clearlink acquired the domain name on behalf of one of its clients.


  1. Any idea what service will be branded as At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be a clear link to – “The Global Leader of Intelligent Customer Experiences”. So presumably a spinoff rather than a rebrand?

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