Peace Corps Domain Name Expires

PeaceCorps.comIt looks like the Peace Corps has accidentally allowed one of its important domain names to expire. Although the Peace Corps uses for its website (and most likely it’s email addresses as well), the domain name expired within the last week and it is pending renewal.

If a visitor goes to right now, a Network Solutions landing page will appear, and there is a message in the top right corner stating, “ expired on 01/06/2014 and is pending renewal or deletion.” The organization should be able to renew the domain name to reactivate it as it was before.

Should the domain name not be renewed in the next few weeks, it will most likely be sent to auction at NameJet, per its agreement to auction expired domain names registered at Network Solutions. This would likely turn into a public relations issue for all parties should someone else own

The Peace Corps has owned since at least 2001 (and probably longer but I don’t have Whois records for beyond that). Based on a search at, it appears the domain name has been used as a forwarder to the Peace Corps website, so it’s possible nobody noticed that it was no longer functioning, especially since it’s expiration would not have impacted email.

Despite the fact that the domain name wasn’t actively being used, it is still very important for the organization to renew it. There is no sense in potentially allowing someone else to be able to do something nefarious.

Afternoon Update: It appears that the domain name was renewed.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    I sent them this message:

    “I work in the domain name industry, and I noticed that your domain name has expired. I just want to let you know because you can still renew it. If you don’t, the domain will go on sale at, and someone with nefarious intentions may buy it and use it for spamming or even scamming. I recommend that you renew this domain ASAP. Thank you for your time.”

    I admire the work of the Peace Corps volunteers. Those people work hard and often live in difficult and primitive situations.

    Wonderful organization.


    • Nice work.

      Instead of trying to get through a maze of people who may become confused, I figured a blog post would surely get their attention – or the attention of someone who knows someone… like you 🙂

  2. Perhaps their direction is towards maintaining the .gov domain and nothing else. I’ve noticed several end users dropping their domains because they’re using some other TLD that they feel more comfortable with using.

    • Absolutely agreed, Elliot. However, end users don’t look at domains the right way / the way we investors / brand managers do. I wouldn’t be surprised if they let it go simply because someone in their department decided not to renew .com’s. I know the Air Force maintains and promotes the .com… We’ll see…

  3. As much as I dislike restrictions in general, many restricted TLD’s like .Gov and .Mil suit their purpose quite well, adding a high level of trust unmatched to unrestricted TLD’s.

    I agree Peace Corps should renew the .com, but use it as a forward to the .gov.

  4. LOL.. It’s more about learning than agreeing, When you find yourself agreeing with most of what somebody says, which is common in domaining, your in trouble.

    • That sentiment is true, but I’ve found that there are good ways to express my opinions and ways that will probably annoy or get the recipient to reply defensively. Plenty of people share things here and tell me when they think I am wrong about things, and I appreciate those discussions, which are generally friendly in nature. I have found your approach to be overly critical and borderline offensive.

      There aren’t many people whose names pop up in my inbox where I cringe, expecting to be belittled, berated, annoyed, or otherwise insulted. It certainly makes blogging less fun for me, especially because I try to do my best to be friendly and helpful to just about everyone I come across.

      There are plenty of times something is better unsaid rather than coming across as a bully.

    • Wow Elliot, either your overly sensitive or you’ve pre-judged me to the point that your critical of anything I post, something I’m sure your domain buddies helped you with… Admittingly I’m blunt in my comments, no denying that, but I don’t attack or bully anyone unless I’m being bullied.. And never once did I attack you personally despite the continuous snarky comments you’ve made toward me, Love the “Radar” mispell BTW, and I’m supposed to respect you in return right?

      You’ve been fed a lot of LIES about me by people you THINK are your friends and you don’t even know me, don’t know how long I’ve been in this business, what sites I have or what my monthly sales are. One thing I don’t have is a ego to contend with, I have no problem acknowledging that I think your a good guy who means well, a likable person who’s very successful at domaining, but not an expert, That’s what I truly believe, pure honesty and NOT the usual patronizing that your accustomed too, unlike them, I want absolutely nothing from you, OTHER than hoping you improve on your judge of character.

    • Yes, Radar was a typo, and since radar is a word, my spell check didn’t pick it up. I don’t see how that could be offensive, but I digress.

      I can assure you that gossip about blog commenters is the last thing on my mind. I don’t gossip about people, and people don’t share gossip with me. My focus is blogging, selling names, and buying names. In fact, the only industry people I speak with regularly most likely don’t know you and have never mentioned you.

      If you think you are just being blunt and not being rude, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps I am more sensitive than someone who blogs should be, but I would rather be sensitive than not give a shit what anyone thinks. It’s comments like this one, which was one of the first times you posted here, that I have found to be rude and not beneficial:

      I do appreciate the compliment about being a likable person who is a good guy. Sometimes I look out for others to a fault, and perhaps when you’ve been critical about things that aren’t related to me but are related to acquaintances, I take it personally. For example, it bothered me when you made an insult about the logo I like and approved and told me something to the effect of I should go buy a professional logo instead of using the one I chose, as if it was unprofessional. I wouldn’t go into your house and tell you that the curtains you love look like they were made by blind seamstress using newspaper.

      Anyway, it’s late on the east coast and I need to catch up on the sleep I missed in LV.

  5. You asked your guests what they thought of your curtains, made from a seamstress who is known in the drapery world to be real a-hole, what did you expect? But regardless of who made them, I still think they could have been designed better, making them stand out from your neighbors curtains. Would I have been as harsh if I didn’t know the seamstress? probably not.

    As for the link to my post, anytime I read something and come out of it learning absolutely nothing, I think to myself; “what a wasted of time that was”. My apologies.

    I hope you get over your cold.. Peace.

    • There’s a major difference between thinking to yourself and posting a public comment.

      Also, for the future, keep in mind there are many people who read my blog who are brand new to the domain investment space. Some know absolutely nothing about investing in or selling domain names, so there will sometimes be articles that are beginner level. I try to find a balance for all readers.

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