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PDD .com Story is Eye Opening


Someone shared a story on NamePros about the alleged purchase of, and it is eye opening.​. From what I understand, it looks like the buyer agreed to buy for $42,000, used to transact, had the domain name in his Network Solutions account for a brief period of time, instructed to release the funds, and then had the domain name removed from his Network Solutions account. It is eye opening and probably something every domain investor fears.

I quickly scanned the thread and took a look at the ownership history of using the invaluable DomainTools Whois History Tool. For quite some time, it looks like the registrant email address was first initial last name That is what the current Whois record shows as well. At some point in late October or early November, the Whois email address changed to an address. It looks like the other fields stayed the same. This is a red flag. A second red flag would be the alleged seller's email address not matching the Whois email → Read More

What the Heck is Going On Here?


I logged into my Network Solutions account to change the nameservers for a domain name I won at NameJet last week. I noticed a .net domain name in my account that seemed out of place: The keyword was familiar because I won on NameJet in September. I transferred this domain name to GoDaddy about a week ago.

I searched through my email account to see if there was anything related to that I might have overlooked. Zero results. I did a Whois search to see if that would yield any information, and the story became even stranger. I am writing this article on Sunday, December 24, 2017. The Whois record shows a creation date of December 25, 2017 - tomorrow: (more…) → Read More

Why Are There 2 Network Solutions “Under Construction” Pages?


Last week, I reported that there was a UDRP filed against the domain name. One potential issue for the domain name owner is that the "under construction" landing page had pay per click (PPC) links prominently displayed next to a large photo. The owner smartly began forwarding the domain name elsewhere (likely after becoming aware of the landing page), but here's how it looked:


My guess is the owner was not receiving any of the revenue generated on clicks. If that assumption is correct, this means the landing page adds risk to the owner without any reward that I can see.

Yesterday afternoon, I saw that a (more…) → Read More

Network Solutions Sent Me a Renewal Notice for a Transferred Domain


Because I am an active NameJet bidder, I have quite a few domain names at Network Solutions. Because of the pricing deals I am offered elsewhere, I tend to transfer out my domain names before they expire. is a domain name I won on NameJet. After receiving several expiration notices for this domain name, I transferred it to my Enom account. On August 3, Enom emailed me to confirm that the transfer was successful. A Whois search confirms that this domain name is registered at Enom.

This morning, I received an email from Network Solutions imploring me to renew this domain name:

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 11.35.18 AM

How the heck can I renew a domain name at Network Solutions when it already transferred to Enom? Obviously, I can't do that.

Fortunately for me, I have a relatively small domain portfolio and I stay on top of renewals and transfers. Someone else might get confused and try to renew this domain name that was already transferred. I assume Network Solutions would not charge for a renewal on a domain name that is no longer → Read More

Why Network Solutions Showed a $10k Price for an Unregistered Domain Name


Sam Biddle, a Senior Writer at Gawker Media, posted this tweet about Network Solutions  showing  a price of  $10,000 for the unregistered Biddle opted to register the domain name  at Hover for $13 instead of paying the  exorbitant  price  listed at Network Solutions.

After seeing the tweet, I tried to replicate the registration process at Network Solutions. I was unable to find another unregistered domain name with a premium asking price. I dug in a bit further, and I believe I found (more…) → Read More

Peace Corps Domain Name Expires


PeaceCorps.comIt looks like the Peace Corps has accidentally allowed one of its important domain names to expire. Although the Peace Corps uses for its website (and most likely it's email addresses as well), the domain name expired within the last week and it is pending renewal.

If a visitor goes to right now, a Network Solutions landing page will appear, and there is a message in the top right corner stating, " expired on 01/06/2014 and is pending renewal or deletion." The organization should be able to renew the domain name to reactivate it as it was before.

Should the domain name not be renewed in the next few weeks, it will most likely be (more…) → Read More

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