PassTheBill.GOP Promoted by President Trump


United States President Donald Trump, famous for his Twitter usage, tweeted a link to a website that uses a new gTLD extension:

You can see that President Trump’s tweet references and links to  PassTheBill.GOP, a domain name that uses the .GOP new domain name extension. The .GOP extension is operated by the Republican State Leadership Committee.

The PassTheBill.GOP domain name is registered under privacy proxy, so I am not sure who actually owns this particular domain name. Whomever owns it is using it as a forwarder to a LeadPages.CO website that appears to be operated by an entity within the Republican Party.

As far as exposure goes, it doesn’t really get much broader than a mention on President Trump’s Twitter account (for better or worse).

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  1. I haven’t read the bill, but since President Trump is promoting it, I hope it becomes law.

    Man, talk about some valuable free advertising for .GOP

  2. “I haven’t read the bill, but since President Trump is promoting it, I hope it becomes law.”

    THAT, people, is exactly why Americans are viewed as dump, stumbling idiots in other more refined countries of this world.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. I don’t understand how everyone can’t see the massive financial conflicts of interest, and the advantage of information. I am sorry but America has really taken a step down in the eyes of the entire world right now.

    • It is my observation-based opinion that the Leftist mindset is a scourge to Humanity. Even with his litany of obvious shortcomings, I am glad we finally have a President who possesses the requisite amount of moxie to counter the scum who currently represent the “Left” in government.

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