ParkingCrew Now Offering HTTPS Parking Option


As NamesCon approaches, there will likely be news shared by domain industry companies. This afternoon, I received an email announcing that ParkingCrew launched domain name parking for HTTPS traffic. This means that visitors that visit a domain name using HTTPS will be shown parked pages just like standard HTTP traffic.

Google has been pushing websites to install SSL certificates, and websites that have active SSL certificates use HTTPS rather than HTTP. As this becomes more common, links to these websites will generally include HTTPS. When domain names that had SSL certificates expire, their linked traffic will likely to continue with HTTPS rather than HTTP. With the new HTTPS parking, that traffic will see PPC links on the domain name rather than a page that doesn’t resolve.

I don’t use ParkingCrew for my parking, but I tested one of my parked domain names at a different parking service using HTTPS instead of HTTP. My domain name did not resolve . I assume if I was using ParkingCrew for my parking, that would not have been the case.

Here’s the press release announcing the news:

ParkingCrew launches domain parking for HTTPS

Munich – Team Internet AG, the company behind the domain monetization platform ParkingCrew, has launched new technical infrastructure to serve parked pages over encrypted SSL/TLS protocol. The system automatically detects and serves requests for any eligible domain, regardless of an encrypted/secured (HTTPS) or non-encrypted/non-secure (HTTP) connection, without any effort or costs to the domain owner.

When it comes to domain parking monetization, one topic is becoming increasingly important: the ability to serve parked pages over TLS and SSL protocols, including HTTPS pages. All major web browsers, including Google and Chrome, are moving in the direction of blocking, or at least alerting users, of web pages that are served over a non-secure HTTP connection. To protect parking revenue, it is of vital importance to domain investors that their traffic is monetized by a platform which can also handle secure HTTPS traffic.

Today we are pleased to announce to domain investors that ParkingCrew is now able to serve parked pages encrypted over HTTPS.

Due to the resource intensive nature of encryption, we built our own serving solution from the ground up, which included creating a new patented technical infrastructure specifically tailored to domain parking over HTTPS. As of now, this new platform is ready and able to serve millions of requests over this new SSL/TLS infrastructure.

The best part of the deal is that ParkingCrew users do not need to do anything, nor will it cost them a cent, to monetize parked pages encrypted over SSL/TLS protocol. Our platform automatically detects if domain traffic is encrypted/secured (HTTPS) or non-encrypted/non-secure (HTTP) and enables our SSL/TLS solution automatically for HTTPS requests once a certain request threshold is received.

For further questions, please consult the ParkingCrew FAQ.

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