.Ninja on the Streets at SXSW

I thought you might find this video amusing, especially if you are on cruise control waiting to get out of work for the weekend. Jared Ewy of Name.com dressed up like a ninja to help promote .Ninja domain names during the South by Southwest festival (SXSW) in Austin. He (un)stealthily approached people on the street and let them know what .Ninja is. I am sure they were am(con)fused.

.Ninja is a new gTLD extension that will be coming on to the market at the end of May.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I can think of only very few it would be nice or fun to have if the price is right, but what’s the point if they are reserved or there’s a high premium to get them? Other than a very small number, doubt there would be much interest for this otherwise very cool and fun term.

    The ExampleNinja.com version would also be more than good enough to have as far as I’m concerned.

  2. If you are going to go this route, the .guru is a better from a professional point of view. .Ninja is a bit more laxed, and action bias.

    .buzz, and .ninja are asking some pretty steep prices already in pre reg, stuff like auto.ninja costs $6xx and up to reserve in pre-registration.

    • Yes, though I would disagree about a domain like Professional.ninja. 😀 Steep pricing? No thanks. Auto.ninja for $xxx? lol

  3. Elliot.I think Mate if you seriously rebranded to dot ninja…..well most of us would put some money in a pool to get you a nice comfy bed somewhere…and a straight jacket!Seriously,it is one of the worst extensions,how do you put a word in front of it that makes much sense?There’s just hardly anything that fits,and would be considered good grammer.

    • He was only yoking. This one is more for fun, though fun can have a way of becoming extremely successful. Ever heard of Yahoo, Google or Bing? You get the idea…

    • Yes John,I know Elliot is only joking,as for yahoo,Google and Bing,they all have .com after them,imagine if they had .NINJA after them….now that would be reallly funny.

  4. Lately I’ve been wondering if there are provision for when a new gTLD registry goes bankrupt and perhaps has also not sold their business or rights to the TLD if that is even allowed. Would these domains still exist and be transferred to another? I would think so, though I haven’t heard anything. It’s really starting to look like there could be quite a number of bankruptcies out of this, including this one here sorry to say, though you never know. Honestly I would want a fun one like .ninja to make it financially, and maybe it will even be a success, but right now the whole thing has me wondering about what happens when they go bust.

    • I am sure another registry would take over. It probably costs a nominal amount to manage additional registries, and assuming high renewal rates, it would be a nice revenue boost without the upfront costs that were already spent.

      Not sure how ICANN would deal with something like this, but I am sure there is something set up to manage.

    • Yeah I would think so too, unless they wanted to charge that $185K or whatever the going rate is, then I expect some might balk.

  5. When you reserve prime generics for a later release and flood the market with a bunch of crappy GTLD’s like this one, it will undoubtedly set up a land rush like we’ve never seen before.. Expect the new TLD’s to roll out when all of these have pooped out.

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