List of Potential gTLDs


Someone posted a question on Domain Questions asking about what gTLD applications can be expected to be received by ICANN. I did a bit of research, and I found the .NXT conference website run by Kieren McCarthy and Jothan Frakes, which has a list of applicants for gTLDs.

It’s a pretty interesting list of extensions, although in my own opinion, I can’t see how many of them will have commercial appeal or gain traction. Some of these extensions have multiple applicants, which means more money for ICANN if they go to an auction.

Here are a few of the potential gTLD extensions:

  • .health
  • .vegas
  • .pad
  • .bzh
  • .hiv
  • .shop
  • .sfo
  • .indigi
  • .team
  • .bud
  • .horse
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  1. Before throwing tons of money away, applicants should learn from dot Travel: if an extension with such a commercial appeal didn’t make it, why should any random TLD become more successful?

  2. Our object here concerns the Top-Level Domain on the Internet. These domain names are located by ICANN they have generated a lot of interest especially with the advancement of new technologies. As is known the Top-Level Domains are divided into the two distinct categories Generic Top-Level Domain they are open for Internet users worldwide. And there are geographical extensions Country Code Top-Level Domain that is formed by two letters that correspond to a particular country or geographical area and are raised at the present there are around 200 ccTLDs and 21 gTLDs.

  3. Im neutral on the new gtld thing, technically there is no reason why there shouldnt be lots of these springing up. Anything else feels like standing in the way of progress.
    In reality, the Big G will decide on their value.
    If, all other things being equal, G puts ‘’ above,, AND for a search of ‘vegas hotels’ then of course the gltd ‘.vegas’ will be MORE valuable (imo) than even the mighty .com in that type of example. Fun.

  4. You forgot the latest craze: .3D. I am sure a fortune could be made on newbie domainers alone…

    I would get .xom or .vom or .cim or .cpm or some typo of .com – like Kevin Ham did with .cm. Otherwise excuse my French but I would have to go with .cum, lol.

  5. I have a suggestion that succinctly summarizes the entire gTLD concept: .FAIL

    Stick with .COM (not as creative, but here to stay)

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