Network Solutions Offers $6.99 Registration Discount Code Promo


One complaint I hear about Network Solutions is that the price of a .com domain registration is way too high when compared to other companies like Moniker, Godaddy, and

I just learned that Net Sol is currently offering new registrations for $6.99 when you use this promo code: PCXXX04007. This is a pretty big savings when you consider the regular price of a .com domain name is $34.99 at NS.

I also noticed that Network Solutions offers a 100 year domain registration, something that might be interesting if you have a domain name you know you’ll never want to sell and want to protect. With this discount code, the cost is $999.99.

I don’t think this code is valid for transfers or renewals.

I don’t love Net Sol’s customer support, but I do know a number of companies use them, and this code will bring a pretty big savings.


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    My question:

    What will renewals cost? If they are anything like Yahoo, the renewals will be $34.99.

    I would avoid Netsol like the plague; they are only interested in their customers when customers ask for transfer codes after enduring lousy customer service.


  2. How can they do a 100 year registration. This solves any pricing concerns regarding probably all of our lifetimes. I would buy some of these if it’s legit. Follow up story?

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