NameJet to Host NamesCon 2017 Live Auction


namescon-2017-auctionNameJet will once again play host to the live domain name auction that will be held during the 2017 NamesCon conference in Las Vegas. The domain auction is being organized by Monte Cahn’s consulting firm, Right of the Dot. The live auction will be held at the Tropicana hotel on January 23rd from 3PM – 6PM Pacific time. A press release  sharing information about the auction was published this morning.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release with some details about the auction that you might find interesting:

“The auctions will feature some of the best .com and new gTLD names available anywhere including a super premium bundled lot featuring BAR.COM, BAR.NET, CAFES.COM, GRILL.COM, PLACE.COM, PUB.COM SHELTER.COM, and other individual premium and super premium names such as LEADS.COM, SPORTSCARS.COM, PATTY.COM, STOP.COM, WINECLUB.COM, GOLD.CLUB, SINGLE.COM, E.HOSTING, MORTGAGE.BROKER, PPL.NET, and others. There will be an estimated 400 names in the overall auction with an estimated 125 domains being offered at the live auction on January 23rd. Many premium domains will be priced at no and low reserves to promote competitive bidding and true market prices.”

NameJet added a link to the auction in its menu, and you can have a look at the domain names that will be included in the auction. You can also start bidding or backordering domain names in the auction if you would like. I already noticed several domain names in my auction list that I had not removed from my backorder list.

If you have high value names for sale, it may not be too late to get them submitted, as detailed in the press release: Additional domain names will be considered for inclusion by submitting names at Please note that only ultra-premium names will be considered.”

From what I recall, domain names that are part of the live auction will be auctioned by auctioneer Wayne Wheat in conjunction with NameJet bidding. Following the live auction, there will be an online auction with additional inventory.

Last year, the live segment of the NamesCon auction did pretty well. You can have a look at the 2016 NamesCon auction results that were sent to me by NameJet’s Scott Pruitt the day after the live auction concluded.

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