NameJet Makes a Typo


It looks like NameJet made a typo on an email and Twitter marketing promotion this morning. The company announced that “INVESTOR·COM” is for sale in a tweet as well as in an email to customers signed up for its mailing list. Here’s the tweet today:

From what I can tell, ( for clarity) is not for sale on NameJet or on any venue. It looks like is a fully developed website, and I do not see anything that would indicate the domain name is currently up for sale or auction. In fact, when I visit the link on NameJet, it says “Wish List – No Current Auction.”

It appears that is in auction on NameJet. When the “L” is lowercase, it can look like a capital I. After looking at the NameJet homepage, it looks like all NameJet auction listings are lowercase to avoid confusion, but it can still happen.

I reached out to NameJet about this a few minutes ago. Assuming this is an error (and not my error), hopefully they will send out a corrected tweet and email to ensure customers are not confused.

Update: NameJet tweeted a correction this afternoon:


  1. Thanks for the heads up Elliot. NameJet inadvertently published a newsletter and social media posts for the name INVESTOR.COM. The actual name is LNVESTOR.COM. We are in the process of publishing a correction and apologize for the confusion.

  2. As the winning bidder on some years back ( versus I’m unhappy to hear this kind of nonsense is still happening, because I think the domain sellers are intentionally trying to deceive. But I will say it’s good to know NJ is doing right by their reaction post-accident in isolated instances like this (i.e. they worked with me to issue a refund for the bid).

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